Who to pick at 6? Draft, and Jared Goff

I’m new, and want to say hello to all my fellow Lions Kool-Aid drinkers. I want to start off my first post with a book long bang!

No one expect the Rams to suck, and be gifted the $6 pick. It’s still kind of early to evaluate talent. So much is going to change especially after the combine, and interviews.

Guys, can you believe this team, with the coaches, and talent they already have, with how hot they are, with how young they are, that are already expected to contend for a division title, and playoff spot have two first, and 2nd round picks?! Wouldn’t it be fair to say, because of this, they can now possibly be playoff contenders?

As much as the 6th pick is a gift, it’s also the worst pick to be in. The top 5 players will be gone. And teams will make every deal with everyone in front of us to move up. But hey, it’s still the 6th overall pick.

Now, who to pick? I think most of us has fallen in love with Goff. The guy was only 26 we he got here. Mental is just as important as physical. Especially for a QB. If anything, more important. He was the number 1 pick for a reason. He could have still gotten better, and he did, and still could. The mental is so important for a QB.

I think we can all agree that he doesn’t have the tools like a Mahomes, or AR, or Allen, or Stafford, but neither does Tom Brady, or Joe Burrow.

So what should BH do? Take this rare opportunity that probably won’t happen again, and take one of the top QB’s if available? Then let him sit for a year or two? No one should ever pass up on the potential of a franchise QB. Every team every year make those risks. I think of the 49’ers. Goff is better than Jimmy G, but I see a similar scenario. Goff, and Jimmy G with their coaches, and talent are in the best possible situation to succeed as a QB. Good enough to win, but then the 49’ers broke the bank landing what they hope will be their franchise QB. While the Lions, don’t have to break anything.

Or roll with Goff? And at 6 draft someone we hope is a franchise player at another position. The question becomes who?

Defense should be the picks in the first 2 rounds. I think (for now) we are set at edge/DE. Jalen Carter will probably be gone. Plus, I read he’s got character issues. After that, the top 10 looks weak on defense. I don’t see any (for now) potential elite level prospects There are a few DE’s/Edge guys, but no top notch players, and like I said I think we’re set there. I don’t see a top 10 can’t miss CB either.

Unless, you go offense with RB Bijan Robinson, or WR Quentin Johnston. Robinson looks like the next RB superstar. And this team likes to run. Or imagine Johnston, with Jamo on the other side, and ST Brown in the slot. Whoa!

I am a defense guy. But as of right now, that’s the route i would take.

1st round - Bijan Robinson. We all love JW, but let’s be real. All money was on Swift. JW isn’t that good. 1,000 yards is an amazing accomplishment for him. He is the perfect back-up. Even if they re-sign him. I’m not against the 3-headed monster of these 3 guys. Plus, Swift’s future is in question.

1st round - DT Bryan Bresee.

2nd round - CB Mekhi Garner. Big dude.

2nd round - ILB Noah Sewell. We need to upgrade the LBs. This guy is a big freak. Unite the brothers!

Of course, so much can change.

Thank you all for reading!


Welcome to the board!

I get your point on offense, but im kind of enamored with taking Gonzalez and Branch and try to pick up a FA DT. Fill it out from there.


Welcome @CatholicNinja.
Way to come out of the gates.
I’ve only watched 3 games of Sewell, not impressed with any of them.
Look forward to hearing more from you.


Makes you wonder, should the lions have taken Purdy last year? I still suspect with more film on him that he will come back down to earth at some point and he has a very complete offense around him, something very few rookies have. Still, I’m game for getting a gamer development guy like Purdy


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Welcome, agree with the first he’s the top talent and fills a need.

Bryan Breese is dropping on most boards and is overrated because of lack of top talent at the position. I would take one of the CBs Witherspoon, Branch , Gonzalez Joey Porter.

Then get your DT in Saiki Ika or maybe Garvon Dexter.

Sewell is also dropping he might be there in the 3rd because most are saying he’s a 2 down LBer.

If you take Robinson we might want to make sure Oline is set. A Guy like Cody Mauch can step right in that RG spot should be plug and play type player.

So I’m thinking

1st RB Bijan Robinson
1b. CB Devon Witherspoon
2nd DT Saiki Ika
2b G Cody Muach
3rd LB Noah Sewell.


If you’re looking for an ILB take the better version of N Sewell. Jack Campbell from Iowa, he seems to be one of those that will have a 10 plus year career in this league


I like alot Jack too.


Smart, won the academic Heisman. You can find guys that are faster but do they read the play.are they where they should be and BTW did I mention he led the nation in tackles in 2021?

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I love it. Because 3rd round I had RG. So who knows right now who will be available where. I like the CB’s for this system to be bigger, and tougher. I think that’s why they like Jacobs so much, and Okudah has been at his best being that kind of player. Ika, is an NT. I think we are good with Alim being the bigger DT. I like Dexter.

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Welcome!! The Koolaid is getting pretty strong around these parts.

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Welcome, bro. Good first take. Look forward to.seeing more.


Ika is a NT but McNeil has been playing DT and Bugs NT. having 2 big guys like Ika and McNeil might be the next best thing if you miss on Carter. With our roster and all our DEs if these 2 can collapse the pocket and just not give a QB a place to step up our DEs will thrive and clean up, if we want a faster inside rush Pashcal and Comish ,Romeo and even Hutch can move around. Ika has some pass rush chops to him also for a big guy. And them 2 would also be devastating in the run game. Will also help keep your LBs stay clean. Running the ball and stopping the run Campbell talks about.




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2 outta 3 aint bad…

would like to see somebody assist hutch on the D line with the first pick and we really need to look at a guard at 18th if a good one lands on the table…

the game is won in the trenches, look at the 49ers, probably scariest team in the leauge and its because of their lines