Who U got?

I think the Jets are being intentionally a bit sly about who gets the start Sunday.
I believe we will see Wilson due to his ability to escape the pocket. It’s not like that hurt us against other QB’s that escape trouble :flushed:
Jets preparing to have QB Mike White vs. Lions despite post-game hospital trip - mlive.com

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I’ve heard the team hates Wilson and Saleh risks losing the locker room by starting him. It will be interesting to see. Wilson is trash.


Lions 23/24 Jets 16

White, Flacco, Wilson

I’m pretty sure white is starting

If White says he can play, he will be starting

Wilson seems to pretend to have the moxie that Burrow actually has. That doesn’t play well in the league.


I’d say that we should send the house early against white, but I’m betting on a screen heavy, short passing attack from the jets to help keep him in the game. We can force them to play the backup with one good hit.


Send 6 every play until they have to use their punter at QB😈


You think they’d know something is up if we line up with Alim, Pascal, Buggs inside, Houston and Hutch outside, with Rodrigo and Romeo behind them?
I think, if you want to see a QB shit his pants on national tv, that’s how you do it.


I think you’re right.


I’m more concerned about if Quinnen Williams is playing or not than their QB.


Quinnen Williams at 80% is just another smart DT.

Williams at 80% is still going to light up Stenberg like a Christmas tree!! haha we better be planning to double team him if he plays. The dude has been a complete game wrecker this year. I was watching the the Bills game from last week before he got hurt, wow he was good.

That’s a given.

That made 2 of us Line :+1:

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