Who was it that said "The Bears are thriving."?

Meanwhile…HC Matt Nagy was fired along with GM Ryan Pace.
Bears finished: 6-11. and moved to Arlington Heights.

I was curious what some of THEIR fans were saying, these are direct quotes.

A. (boooost) member -there- : “Ryan Pace has a vision for the team they stand behind, Meanwhile, it will be the same status quo clown show we are all used to with the Bears for the forseeable future.” end.

that’s 5 minutes I spent there, btw, they are badmouthing their owner like we once did…doesn’t sound like a happy place. another fan said “hey go out and buy a lot of asprin we’re gonna need it for 2022.”

B. (9fortyblue) member-there: " As much as it sucks for the Bears to get embarassed yet again, it sucks more , knowing the idiots in the front office will find a way to screw up the opportunity to fix it." end.

It raises an interesting question: who is the worse ownership family? Or more specifically, would you rather have your owners super cheap or super incompetent?

If you’re asking me for right now and over the next few years, I’ll take the Lions situation over Chicago’s. But historically, the comparison seems to prove that cheap ownership at least has a shot to get lucky and field a competitive team once a decade or so.

It has to suck being a Bears fan, especially when they have decent talent, knowing their owners are too cheap to ever really go all-in on trying to get you over the top. But as the Fords have shown again and again over the last 20 years, incompetence will drag you down no matter how much you’re willing to spend.

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Khalil Mack will turn 31 in February.


That’s the worst thing about being a Lions fan. Ownership has spent the money necessary to build a championship but has thrown it away on the wrong management, wrong players, etc. Sheila appears to be competent and hopefully she’s not cheap.

I’ve lived in Arizona for 20 years. Bill Bidwell used to be cheap like Bears ownership. The Cardinals were a dumpster fire of a team. Bidwell died and his son took over who is competent and not cheap (the team had success during the Ken Whisenhunt, Bruce Arians, and now Kliff Kingsbury era although Kingsbury is easily the worst coach of the 3).