Who was the reporter that Patricia snapped at during the PC yesterday?

Starts right around the 3:15 mark:

Not Meinke, Wojo, Rogers, or Birkett, or Monerrez, or Atkins. I know their voices.

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I have no idea, but deadspin’s headline about it was great: https://deadspin.com/coach-who-always-looks-like-a-pile-of-dirty-laundry-sco-1830130585


I see nothing wrong with what Patricia said to the reporter. Good for him. It’s a privilege to be invited to pressers and one should act like a professional. As a high school teacher, I deal we respect issues every day and wish I had the ability to educate some parents in that manner.

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97.1 the ticket played the question and answer (without the remarks about being professional) yesterday afternoon and after the clipped they said the question was from Michael Rothstein.

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I’m pretty sure the last thing Patricia wants to be doing is holding these question sessions , the camera is pointed at Patricia so we have no clue as to just how bad ( Rothstein ) was sitting , laying, hand down his pants, did he make eye contact etc …
I have no issue with Patricia’s comments …sit up , speak up and phrase the question in an intelligent manner. Just like the motto " Do Your Job" a sign should be posted in the press room " Respect The Process" .

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MLive’s Justin Rogers had some good info on this today (though not the name of the dude):

OK, I’ve received a lot of questions on Patricia’s criticism of a reporter on Wednesday, and while I’d prefer to ignore it, it’s become national news, so I might as well add some context.

The media’s job is to collect and share information and to hold the management of the organization accountable to the consumer of its product. Almost every day, we do those things by asking questions, with the most public setting being the press conferences with Patricia.

Question-asking is an art, which should be constantly evaluated and modified over time. You should aim to be clear, direct and professional. And while there can be a natural adversarial relationship between the media and the people they cover, it’s best to try to operate within the sphere of mutual respect.

It’s easy to lump the media into one big entity, but the reality is we’re individuals doing our jobs in our own ways. I don’t agree with the way all reporters do their jobs, and I’m sure some don’t like the way I do mine. With the reporter who was criticized by Patricia, there’s history there. It’s clear, from this interaction and others, the two don’t have much of that mutual respect. Patricia doesn’t like the way this reporter asks his questions, and the reporter doesn’t care for how Patricia answers him.

The criticism yesterday came at a strange time, making for national fodder. Was the reporter’s posture poor? Who cares? We’re not required to sit up straight. And maybe that reporter has a back issue. I don’t know. It wasn’t important, and made Patricia’s comments feel personal. And it’s not like the question was out of bounds, asking how the Golden Tate trade made the franchise better.

This was simply a moment of the straw breaking a camel’s back, and a first-year coach still not fully grasping that he’s talking to the thousands watching him at the podium less so than the reporter who asked the question. Patricia lost his cool because of frustrations extending beyond the moment with an individual who has gotten under his skin for months.

At one level, I’m empathetic to the human reaction. It’s not easy being on a podium several times a week and having a dozen people picking apart your every decision. On the other hand, that’s part of the job and Patricia lowered himself with the posture comments.

In the end, everyone loses. Fans have taken sides, with some attacking Patricia and others attacking the media, because there’s a fractured professional relationship between two individuals that might not ever get fixed.


Solid stuff REM, thanks!

Anyone have any prevailing on thoughts on this one way or the other?

I think some grace has to be afforded to a new head coach. Ever wonder why Belichik is so short and ambiguous? I’m guessing he learned a lesson at some point. It does seem as though Patricia has a bit of an axe to grind with the Detroit media (this isn’t the first time he’s blown up on them), so perhaps there is something there, but I think much of it is he’s new to the position.

That said, he if wins, none of this matters and we forget it about it.


I mean…considering the scumbag that “welcomed” Patricia to Detroit by digging up an incident from 30 years ago that never even resulted in charges being pressed and dragging Patricia through the mud with it…BEFORE HE EVER HELD A PRACTICE in Detroit…just to make a name for himself at Patricia’s expense??? WTF. Maybe there is a reason to hold the media in contempt.

Personally I think most of them are maggots with the exception of Mitch Albom.


Yeah, that could potentially make someone a bit bitter …

I question the intelligence of many of the media that covers the lions. They say they ask questions for the fans, really??? What fans? Honestly, we don’t learn much from them and their interviews, we can figure things out just following player tweets and watching the games. Hell, I learn a hell of a lot more about league policies, rules, the reasons for player transactions, comp formula, salary cap, history, x’s and o’s etc. from you guys!

If I do watch a player or coach interview its because they are entertaining individuals. Lol


If it’s Rothstein, he has the most leverage in the press room to get away with stuff, since he reps ESPN. The lions can make it hard on the press and will if it suits their needs. They are not friends.

The media was “scumbags” for reporting the fact that Matt Patricia was indicted for rape? Is that not true? Is that not newsworthy? Media was doing its job reporting that story, no more no less. Save the “scumbag” bs for when reporters make an actual error. “I don’t like these facts you’re telling me” doesn’t count.

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I had heard it was Rothstein, and that there’s some history between the two of them.

(Ultimately I couldn’t care less if a coach gets frustrated with a reporter.)

Oh, an ESPN guy… Ya don’t say! Lol

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Well every coach is going to be a dumbass now and then. Schwartz running after Harbaugh with his little white windbreaker fluttering in the wind; Harbaugh for being a douche in general; Tomlin tripped a player running down the sidelines; Parcells loves his Jap plays; and Playoffs?!?!

The thing is, slouchy reporters, wrinkly hoodies, backwards hats, fluttery windbreakers, overly-firm handshakes…whatever

Can you just win please? Goddamnit I’ve been watching the Lions for decades…just. Fucking…win. Field a team I can be excited to watch for once.


I mean. I don’t care if you show up in a Freddy Mercury Jumpsuit. Just field a good team for once in our fucking lives

Le sigh…


Anyone can make a mistake, media or coach. There was no reason for that reporter to report that. None whatsoever. The first phone call he made should have put it to rest. These guys don’t care there was a family behind it, children who would have to bear the brunt of it.The easiest way to handle that. On to Cincinnati! Never acknowledge him ever by answering a question. Are there any other questions? Thank you all, goodnight.

I, for one can’t stand the media. From sixty minutes cherry-picking bullshit and destroying people’s lives and livelihood, to the scumbag media ambulance chasers, to the scumbags shoving microphones and cameras into peoples’ faces after tragedies, to the moronic how did your team do today, to the idiots we have covering the Lions Drew Sharp and his attack on Marinelli, the three times busted Robbie Parker for plagiarism to the paper that wouldn’t fire him for it. The simple fact is you don’t have to look hard for media scumbags, it is a pre-requisite for the job. Military intelligence…journalistic integrity, both oxymorons.
Try listening to that sycophantic Chris Collingsworth or Joe Buck without bile rising into your throat.

Now, I’ll say something nice about a few.
Michael Irwin, he’s got horrible diction but HOF presence. I think him and Deion are great. Chris Spielman. Nobody in the business is any better, he calls everything the way he sees it.

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