Who will be Lions 5 cuts by Tuesday

I think we need to reduce by five Tuesday is the day not sure of all rules.

Hopefully Tim Boyle


Not this this thought…. :thinking::upside_down_face::crazy_face:

Better not be J Davis or Lucas-

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thinking some of the UDFA’s that we haven’t heard much about…
Nolan Givan (TE)
Cedric Boswell (CB)
Derrick Deese (TE)
Maurice Alexander (WR)
maybe Eze (LT)


I’d probably sub WR Josh Johnson in for Eze…
they likely are hoping to stash Eze on PS…
so he should make it to final cuts.

makes sense, i think Eze could improve alot since he only started playing a few yers ago.

5 guys we didn’t even know we’re on the team


He’ll last at least until the final cuts because Blough or Goff could get injured.


Wasn’t Maurice our Returner in this preseason game


He was but that job will likely go to Raymond an likely a RB But until final cut Maurice Alexander likely stays . Pimpleton also could rteturn

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Usually the vets who won’t make it are some of the earliest cuts. Teams want to give them time to sign elsewhere. While UDFA’s they keep around as long as possible in hopes they can sneak them on the PS.


Yep, Eze is the type of guy you want on your PS. He is raw and needs time to develop but he’s got the traits teams like at the position.

I think he will be one of the final cuts.

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Givan and Deese are good calls with the glut of depth TEs currently on the roster.

Deese should wear 00.
It would look like Deese nuts.


I agree - that’s who I was looking for. But if you look at this roster, I really don’t see any of those type players. The closest would be: Jarrad Davis, Austin Bryant, Devin Funchess, or ROkawara. For different reasons, I think they will hold on to each one of them for now, especially Bryant and Funchess. Davis might go if they feel really good about a few of the other LB’s. Its a little strange that they said they wanted to try him as a SAM, but he is listed as a Mike/Will LB. Is there anyone else you had in mind?

When do we get our FB back?


Detroit Lions


#Lions have waived TE Nolan Givan and C Ryan McCollum and released TE Garrett Griffin.

Two more . . . my guess is Griffin was cut early so that he had a chance to catch on with another team. He wasn’t going to make the team over Brock Wright.


no complaints from me.

Two to go . . .

Two on defense?

Brady Breeze and Bruce Hector?