Who will be the unexpected surprise cut

Every year we have a totally unexpected cut. Who gets the axe this year?

Cabinda (Not totally unexpected) or I’m going with Will Harris.

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What I will be surprised with is IF they cut Glasgow. I kind of hope this is the case, it means they like what they see in our youth.


Initially, he was my first selection.

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I’m among the biggest Harris haters, but he’s going nowhere. They like him, plus there’s some weird salary cap exemption he qualifies for.


They wont cut glasgow.
Can play center and guard.

Unless Pierscbacher really shines in preseason.


Josh Reynolds.

TBH, this is a good question, a tough question which may show how much the roster has changed, not may, has changed. So, my answer is a reach, one that I’m not sure I believe will happen.

When I think “surprise cut” on the current roster, I think it will be someone who is playing a depth role that wants to be a starter and Brad will release the guy out of respect. I can’t see anybody that is scheduled to be a contributor this year being released “surprisingly.” Maybe we finally cut bait with Levi?

I am right there with you on Will Harris. Even as co-chairman of the Will Harris anti-fan club, I have to admit that it makes zero sense to get rid of him. He’s versatile in what he does, and he’s damn near free due to the salary exemption. Not really free, but you get what I’m saying.


I thought about Levi but he didn’t make my unexpected list due to the value that Holmes puts on the lines. They can put him on the injury list for a while so he doesn’t take a roster spot which, thinking as I type, could qualify him for the “unexpected surprise cut” mention.

So, in hindsight, you may be correct.

Cabinda, saves $2 million and we made it work w/o him for most of last season.


Cabinda at $2.065 million in new cash doesn’t make sense to me.

Putting him on the field means taking a real weapon off the field.
And there are plenty of guys that can play special teams.


CJ Moore was the first
Demetrius Taylor before camp second

Next up, I would say Levi but seems he can PUP and has a guaranteed contract.

Soo… does Peso Badger count? Kicker and long snapper Daly both to go.

Other than that I’ll go with

Julian Okwara traded

Brandon Joseph beating out Iffy


I don’t think there will really be a surprise cut.

If Melifonwu, or Levi get cut it won’t really be a surprise. A surprise cut to me would be someone like Brock Wright, or Josh Reynolds. I will give the most surprising names I can think of who are expected to make the roster, but are on the fringe.

Jalen Reeves Maybin
Antonie Green
Craig Reynolds

I would say 90% of people have those guys on the 53. I wouldn’t be shocked at all if one of them didn’t make it.

I personally think the best player currently on this roster that won’t be on the final 53 is Julian Okwara.


The poll I did had Mo 2-1 over Craig
Seems he’d be the bigger surprise cut?

Benson over Greene would be unexpected

We are using surprise & unexpected loosely here lol

Why I chose Josh Reynolds as I think that would be a definite surprise cut.

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Of those 3, Craig Reynolds would be my pick. I think Jefferson beats him out.


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I think there is zero chance Reynolds is cut with Jamo’s suspension.



He lets opponents get wide open just as well as a cornerback as he does a safety.


I just don’t see any chance that happens. He is owed 1.75mil guaranteed this season and clears just over 2mil in space if released. With Jamo’s suspension, I can’t see them cutting bait. If Jamo wasn’t suspended then maybe.

Julian Okwara