Who ya got

Still Bryce Young, in fact my board looks like:

  1. Bryce Young
  2. Will Anderson Jr.
  3. Kelee Ringo (This guy is what Kyle Hamilton was supposed to be)
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That’s 100% trade down.

Trade down and end up with at the very least an extra 1st round pick in 2024 as well.

Anderson/Young/Stroud OR Carter + 2024 1st round pick

Anderson/Young/Stroud OR our top rated DB + 2024 1st round pick (plus additional picks).

Taking a QB with a high 1st would set the team back at least 2 years (it would take 2+ years for either of the top QB’s to be a top 10 QB in the league (which we are getting now with Goff with multiple weapons missing).

Just imagine Goff’s numbers if we had a healthy Swift, a healthy Jamo and an average defense. You’d look at adding 50+ yards per game and likely another 3-4 points per game with Goff easily being considered by most to be top 10. It’s crazy to me that people are even thinking about wasting a potential top 5 pick on a QB.

Weird comp there….
They don’t play the same position.


I picked him because I’m biased toward taking the baddest MF’r available!


And then we can have the defensive rookie of the year, 2 years in a row!!


Bryce. Super easy decision for me but I’m a Bryce believer. :man_shrugging:

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I’m going QB Bryce Young. I really really really want Anderson but I think they reunite Jamo and Bryce. There is no bigger upside than the QB position and Bryce looks like an athletic Drew Brees to me. The impact he could have on a franchise is meteoric.

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OMG, if true.
I almost never buy into rookie hype.
I absolutely DO with JaMoss.
Really didn’t with Hutch.
DID with Sewell.
Didn’t with Barry. LOL
I loved the Riddick pick - he was about what I expected him to be given where he was chosen.
Loved Joseph pick (where he was taken, especially)
Love the film on Mitchell (given where he was taken)
…okay…so I do buy into some rookie hype

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You got that right. I thought he was small and hated that he missed his rookie preseason with hip pointers. He didn’t even start in his first game.

I literally changed my mind on his first run as a pro. It was like a minute before halftime against teh Cardinals, if memory serves me correctly. I was like WTF just happened???

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Caleb Williams looks like an athletic Drew Brees, he’s a bit thicker than Bryce.

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I expect him to be a stud TE in 23. This was a great pick for the future! He’s one of the few athletic TE’s we have had. I said by year 3 McNeil would be our next Jerry Ball. I’m calling Mitchell the next Charlie Sanders by his 3rd year. The guy has what it takes, he just needs time to learn.


I’d rather have Carter.

I trust Brad. Whoever he takes I will be happy with.

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Love it - our bald dude is kicking soooo much ass. Sure am grateful for him.

Young, even though I really like Goff. Young has top five qb written all over him. I think he’s mentally already there. Just hasn’t happened yet. I think it’s a low risk gamble with a jackpot payout.

There’s always going to be that guy next year. If Caleb Williams proves to be that guy, we have no hope of getting him. It’s a small miracle that we might be in the top few picks this season.

Anderson is great, too, but i look at it this way. If both guys hit, what does that look like, player vs player. Will Anderson beats his guy clean, six times in a game. He closes on Bryce, but he’s a slippery dude. 1/6 he gets Bryce on the ground. Maybe a couple qb hits. Bryce does some magician sh*t, hitting on four passes first downs on broken plays. Scrambles for five on another. Net result? 4 first downs, a short run, and one sack.

In five years, Anderson signs a blockbuster deal with the highest bidder and we face him as opponents on occasion. Young is our franchise for another contract or two. We have a few year window in the meantime to build a dream roster and compete for the super bowl.

You just can’t draft clay Matthews over aaron Rodgers. It’s just not sound, unless you’ve already got that guy.

We got that guy.

The odds of Young turning out better than Goff are infinitesimally small… partly because Young is small

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