Who's going next week?

I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, and I am the biggest Lions fan in the world. (Except for the one poster’s little girl!)

I’m tempted to get my brother in law to drive fom Detroit to pick me up at O’Hare and then we drive the 3 hours to Green Bay. I have the cold weather gear to keep warm. Downside -

  • rough cost estiimate - $1.500-2,000 is painful but possible.

Also, I’m disabled. I don’t walk very well. I can walk far, but super slow.

Should I?

My brother in law and I went to the Lions opener in Seattle 20+ years ago. He got tickets from Bobby Ross. Bobby and my family belonged to the same Catholic Parish and after mass my BIL asked him for tickets. He said sure, call so and so and tell him we talked. Perfect!

Last thing. Anyone know where NFL teams stay in their hotel? Which hotel. By total luck, the hotel reservations I made in Seattle were by coincidence the same hotel the Lions wee staying in. My BiL made a $20 moneyline bet with Fred Hickman over drinks. Hickman never paid. My BIL didn’t care, but I told him to sit in ABC’s parking lot and get that money!

Also that night saw two retired Lions players damn near kill each other. We still laugh at what one guy was calling the other.

Would love to get the same hotel again. Thinking it was maybe a Marriott or Hilton or Hyatt.


@oaklandlion, that’s awesome brother! Good memories there.

Go for it. If the Rams could take care of business you might just see our Lions clinch a playoff berth on enemy soil.:crossed_fingers:

I believe the Lions will likely stay in Appleton, WI.

Enjoy if you go!


If you go, take a sweater.

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Take a couple frickin wool blankets!


My son and I will be there!!


Very nice! Where did and how $$$ were the tickets?

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I ordered tickets a month or so ago when Packer’s fans had given up on them. Tickets were cheap!


If you can manage it go for it. You live in the city or outside the city. I was born in Marin and lived in San Francisco till I was 13 when we moved to Jackson Michigan where my dad is from. This could be a big moment in lions lore. A changing of the guard if you will.


I’ll be driving from Grand Rapids.


Tempted to do the same

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I’ve always wanted to see Lambeau. And the weather isn’t supposed to be particularly atrocious. I may venture.


She is bummed this week because I’ll be in Mexico all week. Hoping I can still get the game on a TV somewhere.

Enjoy the cold weather I’ll be doing the opposite and let’s hope we can enjoy a victory together!


Dude 100 percent go if its manageable …take care of your body though thats most important

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Years ago I watched a Thanksgiving Day game in Mexico. Worst Thanksgiving ever! It was the game against the Tennessee Titans where Chris Johnson went off.

The damn Mexican announcers were laughing at our Lions! I was pissd!

The wife and I will be driving from Traverse City to Green Bay on Saturday. Already got our tickets and a hotel booked.


Suggestions on where to catch the game at?

I’m going to be in Cancun.

I used to be rich. So the swanky hotel had it on in the lobby bar.

I’m hoping that’s the case for where I’ll be staying at.

Huge Lions fan living in Chicago. Been here since 1992 but this gal will always be a Lions fan to the core! Flying to Traverse City which is near where my folks live and my dad and I are driving over the bridge and through the UP to get to the game. Making an adventure out if it.
My mom thinks we are nuts because my dad just turned 77 and “there will be 10 feet of snow!”
Bought tickets just after the Jets game, thank god, because they have skyrocketed since yesterday! Now finding a place to stay after the game could be a challenge! Might have to drive two hours back north to Escanaba!


Oh you go Girl! Just fantastic!