Who's the guy you most want to slip to the 2nd Rd

I have a couple that I keep seeing at the top of the 2nd end of the 1st that would be great picks for the Lions.

Grant Delpit… He was a absolute playmaker in 18 was dinged up this year and because of that he may make it till the 2nd.

Ross Blacklock…Big powerful DT that can get to the QB.

D’andre Swift…Complete back without a ton of mileage would step in and help the offense day 1.Not a fan of drafting a RB this early but for Swift a 2nd is good value.

Zach Braun DE/OLB…Not sure size wise he fits but he is one of my favorite players in the draft.

Mike McMahon II


Agree with this list, but could add Xavier McKinney, Epenesa, Gallimore and Jefferson.

Jokes aside, my answer is Yaroslav Askarov.

He’s going to be a hell of a player.

Epenesa and Gallimore are 2 guys that would be great fits on the Dline.I think Jefferson gets picked 15-26 he is a great talent and teams are now seeing that.Those WRs at LSU made Burrows alot of $$$ they were lights out all year!!

I askarov of people that say he’s pretty good…


Dis is why we need the Double Trade Down.

If we leave the first with Okudah then I’d most want Epenesa in round two if he does indeed slide that far. If we are able to get Young I’d hope for a CB like Diggs or Fulton (I assume Henderson will be gone.)

Epenesa or chaisson

Blacklock, Gallimore, Gross-Matos or OT Jackson. I feel, near certainty, Lions will snare Blacklock or Gallimore, assuming both are available early in Round 2. Gross-Matos maybe 33%, Jackson maybe 25%.
Am assuming Lions will receive an extra 2nd Rounder one way or the other thru a trade down.


Kenneth Murray
Justin Jefferson
Henry Ruggs
DeAndre Swift
Patrick Queen
Grant Delpit.
Jonathon Taylor

I’m huge on both of these guys but I doubt either makes it to us.

DT - Gallimore is a real possibility in my opinion. He’s a late first round to early second round talent. He’d be a great pick up at #35

WR - I think Jefferson is the 3rd best WR in this deep class but due to the depth of the class someone is going to fall to 35. He’s a solid round one talent. I’m hoping Jefferson makes it to us.

RB - I figure Swift goes round one and J. Taylor could too but it’s more likely he slides to us. I’d be happy if we drafted him.

S - McKinney is another possibility. I think Delpit will make it to us and keep dropping. I think he slides further than people think. Greedy Williams slid far due to tackling concerns last year and Delpit is a bigger concern than Greedy was.

OT - Austin Jackson is the one OT I think could fall to us. He played in a prostyle offense before switching to an Air raid style in 2019. I like that he has experience in a prostyle.

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Jeff Okudah or Mekhe Becton .

I don’t think either of those guys make it out of the first half of round 1.

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for me, it’ll depend on who we get in FA and 1st round . I want a home run hitter at RB

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I’m not ready to commit yet for sure, but I’d like to see Tee Higgins or Laviska Shenault Jr. drop to us in the second. Another guy that intrigues me is Jonathan Taylor drops (Or DeAndre Swift of course)

Ruggs! One can dream I guess

It’s funny to think about these scenarios because you need a logical reason to suspect someone would be there. Shenault was considered a top 20-ish WR pre-combine. After the 4.58, he’s potentially fallen to 2nd round territory. He reminds me a bit of Tate with an ability to process and dictate what the tackler is doing.

My real "most want’ is Anae in the 3rd. I would absolutely LOVE to see him in Detroit even if his measurables don’t scream Quinn. To be honest, I’d be OK with him in the 2nd. He was projected by some to be a bottom of the 1st type player, but there are also projections that have him as a 3rd rounder. So, as far as “slipping” goes, he’s my guy for the 3rd.

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Hard to say because this time of year, despite there being only 32 picks, there’s about 55-60 guys who are going in Round 1.

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We should get a really good player in that second round slot. I just hope Bob Quinn doesn’t go all Bob Quinn on us and take another lackluster 2nd round pick. I mean Jalani Tavai and Teez Tabor aren’t earth shakers.