Why A Loss is Good

Priority #1 for this franchise is getting rid of Patricia, truly one of the worst coaches in NFL history. Priority #2 is getting rid of Quinn.

The problem for us is that Stafford is good enough to keep us in, and even win, games that Patricia would otherwise lose. The best thing that can happen for this franchise, in the long-term, is to start 0-5 and fire Patricia and then re-set. If Swift catches the ball yesterday, and Stafford carries us to 8 wins this year, we might bring Patricia back. And that can’t happen.

I really, really, really was hoping that something had changed this offseason. Maybe Patricia would turn it around, or Undlin’s scheme would bear fruit. Unfortunately, that’s clearly not the case. Time to move on, and the sooner the better.

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Priority #1 is always to win football games.


We won’t win any playoff games with Patricia and Quinn. I’d rather not have our ceiling be 9-7. Sometimes, you have to get worse to get better.

Agreed. I’m so happy we lost yesterday (being completely honest).

Patricia has to go. Most of my vitriol (and fat jokes) are meant in humor. But in all seriousness, the guy doesn’t have what it takes to run a whole team. I’m sure he’s a fine coordinator. He should keep doing that.

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I was obviously rooting for us to win - emotionally that’s always what I’ll do - but Patricia is a poison that we need to excise from this team. End of story. 8-8 and retaining him is a waking nightmare.

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Winning should always be #1… but Patricia has to go. It is very important he is a massive cancer. Jim Schwartz and Caldwell brought the Lions back to respectability. They were no longer the laughing stock of the NFL. Patricia came in and destroyed all of that. The Lions are once again the laughing stock of the NFL.

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Maybe they shouldn’t have skipped practice.


Patricia showing up to a game… you can find 10 year old travel hockey teams that wear a shirt and tie to games. He is so pathetic

And that band fucking sucks


Boo this man

Plus it’s a local band

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Meh. I’ll knock him for his performance on the field. Don’t give a shit how he dresses. image


I was waiting for someone to make this crack.

I don’t know why everyone was so excited about the Lions skipping practice to start a social justice protest. Everyone knows they never finish what they start…


Why do I feel like I’ve been here before? Oh yeah, because I have. This franchise is stuck in a continuous cycle of sucking, rebuilding, giving false hope and then repeating. Awesome that we get to hope we lose “enough” for ownership to keep the cycle going.

I prefer to hope now go on a 18 game winning streak

I’m tired of coach switching…

Uldin and swift both got their cherry’s popped this Sunday

get over the pain and move onto winning games!!

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That is literally the rationale used when Caldwell was fired…

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I didn’t mind when Caldwell got the boot, it was time.

But one of the reasons I say this fanbase deserves a bad team is the bending of reality to make Jim Caldwell a bad coach.

All this talk of culture change and only measurable time it happened was under Jim the last 25 years.




I mean, mo one Hated Jim Caldwell.

No one hated Gym Shortz…even though he really was a dick.

No one hated Rod. That guy was like a R Lee Ermey meets Coach Carter kind of thing

Ok, some people hated Mooch, but thats because he was stealing a paycheck by going through the motions.

We didn’t hate Mornhinweg…he was the “He’s just kind of…touched” kind of headscratch hire.

Boss Ross we hated. Good with that, ahole.

I think most of us Really Really Really Really don’t like Fat Boy and its at the hate level for some.


Most people wouldn’t hate him if he were a bumbling but entertaining fool like Marty, but Patricia is such a conceited ass that it is hard not to want to watch him get taken out on the sideline during a play. What kind of coach wants to butt heads (for no legit reason) on his first meeting with the only Lion’s All Pro player? Coming in and acting like an asshole to your veterans is a sure fire way to get the players to hate you. It’s a player driven league, and if you lose the locker room, that’s pretty much it.

I decided he was a jack ass the moment he got off the plane wearing the Goodell clown shirt. That is about as unprofessional as anything I have ever seen.