Why did the Watson trade post get locked?

I came to see that discussion and found no other posts duplicating it. Why was it locked?

I am not captialg, but I noticed it’s his first post , so people might think it’s me with new account . I think it was removed assuming it might end up as a Stafford controversy which make sense to me

No matter how upset Watson is with the GM, they aren’t going to trade him unless the rift extends into the season. If you are going to do a trade for Watson, it probably starts with four first round picks.

Either way the Watson trade is a non issue at least at this point.

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I am actually a near daily visitor since way before the Scout.com days, maybe as far back as 2000ish. I have only posted a few time over the years and couldn’t even remember my old sign on. I have read a few articles that project less than four firsts for Watson, and that is getting him with straight draft capital. The lions would have Stafford to add to the pot which might remove a first and maybe some more from the price. Though I do believe the Texans will require a first from this year no matter what else if offered to show their fans.

I have no idea what it would take for a team to land Watson but I would imagine it would take a ton. Just coming into his prime at 25 and signed into a deal until 2025. A team who is only looking for a QB at this point or a team who has loaded talent with an aging QB can probably make it work somehow. With how the NFL has been over the last decade, I am sure somehow the Saints, Patriots, or Steelers will end up with him.

The Saints are in too much cap hell to be players for Watson plus too low of draft picks. Same goes for the Steelers plus Big Ben isn’t a sure thing to retire. As far as the Patriots, if you were in the AFC would you hand the Pats an elite young QB? Plus their 2022 picks could easily become late first round picks once they have Watson.

it was posted in a different thread.

Watson likely wouldn’t agree to a Detroit trade, even if it outlandishly surfaced.

The lion’s losing history may be a problem for him. But that may not be the real problem Watson sees. We don’t have the recent history of disfunction the Texans do. They have been the laughing stock of the league for their decision making. But it is not just O’Brien that showed a lack of judgement. They told Watson they would consult him about GM and coach hires and they hired a GM without doing that, plus the coach he wants, Eric Bienemy, is seemingly being interviewed by every vacancy in the league except the Texans.

Its open. I’m locking this thread and most likely going to ban this duplicate account.

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