Why didn't we sign Thuney instead of I have to poop a lotti !?

would we not have more value going directly at Thuney?

Thuney was tagged.

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New England put the franchise tag on him. That is why.

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BEFORE , they did we could have had him IF we wanted. Thuney was and has been talked about getting for a few weeks now all Quinn had to do is sign him ‘before’ they could franchise tag his behind…instead of paying some rare dude 50 million.

No, they couldn’t have signed him… the Pats tagged him before he could be signed.

Because before the tampering period begins players get tagged.

oh chit that tampering period was over in a flash though…ah well he’s gone now. Quinn has a lot of ground to make up for pulling 50 million for a guy we’ve hardly heard of in my book, this sure as hell wasn’t what I expected out of a GM trying to save his job and credibility.

I agree 100%.
Moves like this are the reason this franchise has only taken steps back since hiring him.

We can “hope for the best”, “wait and see”, or do our best to find positive in decisions like this. But in the end, all we’re doing is settling for what has been done to destroy this teams roster steadily the past few seasons with that type of thought process.

I won’t settle for it. Nor will I agree with it.
Lazy addition. Just the same as most offseason moves made by this organization since the day Quinn stepped into Allen Park.

I do miss the days of Schwartz sitting out in Vanden Bosch’s driveway as free agency opened. That did make things a bit more exciting.

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Lol brings me back. Him and Burleson that year.
Those were additions that changed the course of the franchise.
Short lived I guess.