Why has Derrick Barnes playing time diminished?

Derrick Barnes had his best game against the Bengals, his playing time has diminshed since than It makes no sense and speaks to the ability of the Lions coaching stake.They talk about earning an opportunity, well Barnes has earned his. This seems very hypocritical to me.

It depends on what defense they’re playing. Many times they’ll go with 3 safeties or extra corners and only 1 linebacker. I think it’s more of a matchup situation than anything to do with Barnes or his play.


He and JRM are suppose to split time. That has changed drastically since the Bengals game, Azalone does not enter into that equation.

Barnes is heralded as their best run stopper, yet hardly sees the field against a running offense. This may be another player the Lions ruin

Barnes is fast and a good rusher but often rushes himself out of position. He will be a good player but still has a lot to learn


The last game he played his share of downs, (Bengals), he had 9 tackles and a pass break up. Where did he rush hisself out of position. If rushing yourself out of position produces stats like that, and a PFF score of 90 plus, the other linebackers need to rush out of position too. There is no evidence of that problem with Barnes, I watched every game, and when he is in, he is around the ball not out of position. They have a losing record, what better time to develop your talent. AA is gone after this year>

I think there may be two reasons:
(a) JRM is killing it
(b) Barnes is simply playing himself off the team :rofl: :rofl:


If 9 tackles and a pass break up is playing yourself off the team, I am sure he is happy, the next team he plays for has to be better, The Lions are 0-8-1. Collins is killing it with the Patriots, He played his way off the team, into a possible playoff contender. I hope you are right for Barnes sake. However no coach has stated he is not playing well only you.

That absolutely needs to be the title of the thread. (in question form, anyway)

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You must be new here.


Barnes is playing hisself off the team based on what AA, and JRM are you kidding me, neither have had a PFF score worth mentioning, compared to a rookie who has.

Cap - we’re messing with you – welcome to the board.

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OH, so what is the real problem someone inform me>

Doesn’t look like a worrisome trend to me. His snaps were down yesterday but it was a weird game.

         Snap  Snap Snap  Snap
         Def.  Def.   ST    ST
Rk   Opp  Num   Pct  Num   Pct
1    SFO    5  9.1%   19 61.3%
2    GNB    0  0.0%   10 43.5%
3    BAL   28 48.3%    7 25.0%
4    CHI   18 31.0%    5 23.8%
5    MIN   31 46.3%    6 23.1%
6    CIN   32 44.4%    3 12.0%
7    LAR   20 30.8%    4 16.0%
8    PHI   24 36.9%    0  0.0%
9    PIT   15 17.2%    7 20.6%

Provided by Pro-Football-Reference.com: View Original Table
Generated 11/15/2021.

I do think JRM is outplaying him a little, and that is reflected in their current PFF score.

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There was a bunch of “Has _____________ played himself off the team” threads going back to the 247 boards. It was irritating right up to the point it just became funny.

When you look at ST numbers he was busy a lot on ST an they likely gave him a blow. They punted a lot in that game.

Fox punted 10 times plus the KO an FG so he was on field a lot. He needed time to recover from so many sprints down field. Just a guess but 10 punts an then ask him to tackle an rush passer is asking a lot . He still got enough play.

I wouldn’t panic over one game it dropped off also you don’t know if he has a slight muscle pull an they tried to limit his time after the runs.

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Derrick Barnes’ playing time continues to trend downward. I don’t see what he has done to lose playing time. I keep hearing about pass coverage but I haven’t seen an issue. This has to be disheartening to him as a rookie. Every time he is on the field he seems to make a difference. Can someone tell me what the problem is? I think the LB coach may be playing favorites not best player.

Idk, but has Dan Campbell coached himself off the team?


Barnes is fine. It depends on the defense that they run and he has a lot to learn but his future is very bright and he is well liked in the locker room. AAA and JRM have also been playing well……but Barnes is 100% the future.


“ He has a lot to learn” He can’t learn it on the sidelines, he should be playing and making his mistakes now while it really don’t matter.

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