Why I lost hope in the Lions future

Just far to many years looking forward to the off season draft & free agency in the hopes of finding that magical formula that leads to a special season. I couldn’t help being jealous watching the 49er’s exciting victory over the Seahawks on Sunday. I reflected on how fortunate they were in hiring John Lynch as GM in Jan. 2017. In two short years he help resurrect a franchise that had spiraled to the bottom of the League. Lynch had no previous background or experience in the role of GM yet somehow was able to build a team that is presently in contention for a Super Bowl title. Compare this meteoric rise to the current situation we are experiencing in Detroit. Bob Quinn was hired one year prior to Lynch & I need not draw the comparative direction of the two franchises. Another year under the direction of Quinn & company does not instill much confidence in the future direction of this dysfunctional franchise. In summing up the 3 years of his leadership the words of Bill Parcells echo loudly “you are what your record says you are”!!


The 49ers were smart enough to commit to Kyle Shanahan, and Lynch gets whatever credit in that equation. That’s the true genius behind the 49ers, as he is making alot of mistakes by Lynch look good.

Maybe the Lions will get it right in 2021. They have already committed to sucking in 2020.

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All I know is, if Quinn makes another trade involving a starter that we get nothing for midseason next year, I’m done for good.
I’m damn near there now.
Leave comedy to the comedians. While I spent the season laughing incredulously, there’s really nothing funny about this bullshit.


It’s totally understandable to be there now. As much as a stupid move that trade was though, there were at least 10 worse moves made by Quinn from the end of 2018 to now. The Diggs trade, while idiotic at best, still wasn’t anywhere near his biggest blunder. It was the fact that a few trolls here defended it that made me scratch my head. Some of our “fans” are really out of touch.


Yeah, but he had Martin Mayhew as his experienced right-hand, who is now in contention for the Giants job. Supposedly.


I love how YOU know better that Quinn
Trading Diggs was a blunder?
A tad extreme no?

Uhhh… There is no GM opening in New York. What a bizarre article

Wouldn’t that be something…

Not at all. Trading Diggs for no return is, was and always will be a blunder. He became a pro bowl alternate, while we got nothing. You don’t have to be a hater to realize that. We won zero games after he was traded. He had more picks since he left than our entire team did. Our defense went from bad to worse. Our pass defense ended up LAST in the league. Tell me how that, in any way, can be considered a good move.


Yes, mostly a fantasy piece but interesting to see someone putting out something like that about Mayhew

Texans interviewed him too last year.

He will get interviews due to the Rooney rule. He was a terrible GM, and showed he does not learn from his mistakes. He doesn’t deserve a 2nd kick at the can.

True, Rooney Rule could be some of that. But they don’t have to interview him. There are other candidates. I don’t think he was that bad. I understand why they moved on though.

It would not surprise me to see him as a GM again.

GMs rarely get a 2nd chance. If they fail it’s a death sentence as a future GM. Many don’t get to learn from their mistakes and prove their worth again. Gettleman & Dorsey, two guys that got a 2nd shot recently both had success in their previous spots.

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I lost hope the day Patricia was named head coach of the Lions. You could just tell the guy was going to be a train wreck.


Kyle Shanahan was 10-22 over his first two seasons. Patricia is 9-22-1. You can say, “the 49ers lost their QB”, which is valid, but not without acknowledging we lost ours too.

I am not in the least sold on Patricia or Quinn, but to act like they haven’t had terrible luck to go along with some of their questionable decisions is disingenuous. We must fix our depth - our margin for error is razor thin, unsustainably thin, in fact - but I certainly haven’t lost hope.

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Kyle Shanahan took over a 2 win team and went 6-2 when he did have his starting quarterback.

Matt Patricia took over a 9 win team and went 9-16-1 with his starting quarterbacks.


First off, Shanahan and Patricia have nothing to do with each other and there really isn’t a correlation between other coaches that have been bad their first 2 years. And most of these guys didn’t take over 9-7 teams like Patricia did. Shanahan took over a 2-14 team.
I am sure there are 100s of other examples of guys that sucked in their first 2 years and continued to suck in the rest of their coaching career.
I don’t see how pointing out how another coach did has any sort of bearing on Patricia.

It was simply in response to the OP re: the Niners.

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He had landed there as their director of football operations after we dropped him (and before SF grabbed him). I think he’d be a good hire for them. While he committed plenty of mistakes, he showed a willingness to learn from them.