Why I think D is improved or should be improved

LOL, if you insist on reserving that right it’s on you. Personally I enjoy your insight, even if we disagree, you make a real effort to explain your position rather than attack like some. It’s refreshing to just have a discussion with no animosity.

To Patricia and bend but don’t break, he’s said many times he doesn’t care about giving up yardage so long as we hold teams to FGs , not allowing TDs.

14 lions D had moved to more of a 4-3 under, under Austin. Caldwell was HC, so it was a bit different than Schwartz. Your point is true about Schwartz. Austin was more creative, we had the grey package, we ran numerous stunts and twists with Suh and Fairley, even incorporating Jones and Ziggy. As a matter of fact I believe that was the yr Fairley led the league in pressures per snap. He also still blitzed quite a bit, I loved the way Austin ran the D and schemed it. He ran more off man and man zone. Which is good if you get pressure, leading to more turnovers. I think Glover had 7ints that yr, and Ihedigbo had another 4-5 as well. Plus whatever our LBers and CBs got.


That makes 2 of us. I draw as much attention to my personality as possible. LOL


What is this, year 5 of Lazy Quin? He can’t get any thing right and he has primo draft spots. He’s so far in over his head it’s really depressing to watch. These two were born for this job.

Austins D did the one thing that Patricia totally sucks at, it created turnovers. LOT’S of turnovers. THAT’S how you bend but don’t break.