Why I think DE might be in play....getting out from under the Trey Flowers contract


This is for Trey Flowers contract.

|### Potential Out: 2022 , 3 yr, $54,375,000; $12,853,000 dead cap|

I’m thinking Carlos Basham is possible in the 2nd round.

It better not be in the 1st and probably won’t be in the 2nd. We have enough bodies for this year and Holmes and co. better also scouting next year some and looking at the Elite DE class that’s coming up. We can get out and take a DE then. We’re also going to have another 1st round pick to get a QB if we need to. The Tank For Thibodeaux movement starts May 2nd.

Austin Bryant 94 DE 6-5 263 24 3 Clemson

Trey Flowers 90 DE 6-2 265 27 7 Arkansas

Charles Harris DE 6-3 250 26 5 Missouri

Joel Heath DE N/A R

Robert McCray DE 6-1 273 25 1 Indiana

Julian Okwara 99 DE 6-4 250 23 2 Notre Dame

Romeo Okwara 95 DE 6-4 263 25 6 Notre Dame

I want boogie in round 2 as well.

Think the guy could be a real difference maker at the DE spot

I could see it in a trade down past 15…Patriots trade maybe…then it’s best player left over. Possibly a DE.

That’s all we have at the position is bodies who suck at getting pressure on QB’s.

Romeo Okwara was one of top DE’s in the NFL at applying pressure.

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Let’s hope last season was the beginning of big things and not just a contract year boost.