Why I Will Miss Stafford

Guess we won’t talk about how many times a stalled offense throughout most of the game necessitated a last-minute comeback.

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Stafford isn’t the reason the offense gets stagnated. Spinning the narrative to support negative whining idiocy is a plan that never touches reality.

Ah bro you nailed it with this one…I mean especially in the playoffs. It’s exactly why Stafford has more playoff comebacks then all of them combined…:disguised_face:

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Amazing little world you’ve set up there.

You’re such a people-person.

Actually I am and my reputation is one who gets along with everyone, which would be surprising to many on this board. The difference is that this forum is supposed to be an exchange of ideas. When you are Debbie Downer and have no ideas and no knowledge of what you spew, it does not get a positive response. You are just a name on the computer rarely associated with thinking or knowledge.

Ok Spidey, run along and tell the kids that actually play pee wee football what they are doing wrong.

The difference between the guys you listed and Stafford?

Those QB’s can get their teams to the playoffs and can actually beat a good team. Stafford’s career is built on building-up stats against loser teams.

How many of those come-back wins are against teams with a winning record?

That is a rudimentary analysis, very dull.

By your own admission these guys had a LOT fewer chances at comebacks! This is about success ratio! Conversion rate baby! If you gave Joe Montana the same number of come from behind chances, he’d have a lot more conversions, wouldn’t he?!

Do try and keep up…

Ah bro you nailed it with this one…I mean especially in the playoffs. It’s exactly why Stafford has more playoff comebacks then all of them combined…:disguised_face:

That’s what they want! Penny in 1st round. Not like we ended up doing better with Kerryon. Btw I like Swift but was anyone thumping for Jonathan Taylor last year? I heard his hype train massively from day 1 and end of the year it came to fruition. That’s a 3 down back

I had no idea Q4 comeback was so rare. Stafford is a different animal in those situations. I remember Golden Tate saying he wished Stafford was like that all game. He’s a clutch player and a die-hard. Even his critics know its crazy to deny that.

I honestly can’t say Stafford is better than legends. I honestly can say that all those guys had better defenses and ground attacks (even Marino who hated to hand off the ball). I keep saying it. Stafford is no savior. But he will win you 5 more games than you should win with no D and a 30th ranked ground game.


Stafford will win you 5 more games than you should…but how many games would the average NFL QB win us? 3? 6? 5, the same as Stafford?

What if in 2012 we drafted Russell Wilson to be our backup QB instead of drafting Broyles ?
How many more games would a guy like Russell Wilson win us?

I like Stafford but at some point you just have to take a step back and question if the 5 wins he gets us is enough?

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My question is how meaningful and what impact does his comeback wins have? None of these are in the playoffs or when a division title is on the line. The closest he’s ever come to such feat is when he led a comeback win over Oakland in 2011. He certainly had an opportunity against Dallas in 2014 in the wild card game and that didn’t go so well.

Nah…I’ll just list all of the playoff wins Stafford has vs. all the other greats . I mean after all…no one could do it like Stafford in the playoffs right?

The guy who played for both QBs for multiple years each said Stafford’s the better of the two. Seattle has had both a ground game and a Legion of Boom. With a terrible D and no running game, Russell Wilson would still be amazing - on this 5 win team.

It’s fun to flip the question. How many games would Stafford win with Legion of Boom and Marshawn in his heyday? I think twice as many as he has - yet I can’t honestly say I’m sure he’d win an SB. There have definitely been times when we needed the D to win the game, or the RBs to grind out the clock - but I guess in Seattle they could.

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No Montana played 15 years compared to Stafford’s 12 and had nowhere near the throwing ability of Stafford, who has been more successful in this area than anyone. Montana never had any comebacks even remotely as special as Stafford’s. He simply didn’t have the physical gifts to even contemplate the throws Stafford has made. Montana was surrounded by HOF talent on offense and defense. Stafford has had a multitude of comebacks where the defense couldn’t make a stop. Inability to see the difference between great talent and a great situation is common for people who merely follow narratives.

Russell Wilson is a good QB, but not on the level of Stafford. How many wins would Wilson win? He would have won anywhere from 2-6 games less than Stafford on a given year. His success has come with a great defense and running game. He has had a solid coaching and organization his entire career. I still like Wilson over many QB’s, but he doesn’t succeed without being able to run around and wait for easier targets.

Except, you know, the one where he won the Super Bowl.


Never change.


Yes a very good drive at an important time. Where were the great throws or unique QB play? Taylor was wide open going to the end zone, nothing any one of 32 starting QB’s in the game could have made. 3:10 on the clock, is that special? I’m not trying to diminish the accomplishment, but if Stafford is on the Bengals it is still a game with over 30 seconds left!