Why shouldn't we get Haaasan Reddick?

he provides us with a GOOD foot towards a true Pass -Rush.

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23.5 sacks the past 2 years, I’m interested for sure.

B. Holmes will contact his agent, could be a bidding war though, not sure we are ready for that kind of $$ commitment so early into this rebuild. I’d prefer drafting Hutch and spending free agency money on keeping Charles Harris and Tracy Walker. We could probably get Harris and Walker both for the same price as Reddick.

I agree. We definitely need to increase our ability to rush the passer in any way possible.

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thanks man coming from you it means a lot. (Mobetta).

If we did that would mean Flowers is out and we’re not drafting Edge at 2OA.

With what we spent to keep ROkwara I’d think it would make more sense to draft Edge. Especially if we retain Harris.

I think we should bring Harris back and then we should draft Edge instead of looking to FA for one.

However this years Free agency does have some interesting Edge options available in it.


shrug, maybe you can get Harris and Walker for that money…however are the two of them together going to net you around 15 to 24 sacks? ‘assuming Reddick won’t keep next to 24 sacks’

it’s said this team needed pass rusher’s plural, so why can’t we draft Hutch AND get the free agent adding two legit pieces to our defense? we have money to play with…? the way I see it is we are going to have to hit the offseason hard to give us the greatest chance/higher chances of success…in 2022. we may have to get off a fair amount of money to make sure that’s achieved .
I don’t care if we end up splurging on that or pay a little more for a great LB , S/SS, CB, WR, we need to bring in playmakers ! “by any means necessary”

Reddick put up 12 Sacks in 2021 and 11 in 2020. So your if your looking for that kind of production we may already have some options on the roster that come and a much smaller cost.

ROkwara had just 1 sack in 4 games this year but had 10 sacks in 2020.

JOkwara managed 5 sacks in a limited role. I expect him to continue to improve.

A. Bryant had 4.5 in a limited role as well and I thought he was getting better as the year progressed.

C. Harris had 7.5 and was more of a role player.

I do think we need another premium pass rusher and Reddick would be a heck of an option if the Lions do not want to go edge at 2OA.

If we do reach towards Free Agency then I’d go all in on TJ Watt.

However I’d rather draft Edge and use that FA money on WR, CB, S and DT.



I remember VLG was really high on him coming out of college. I miss VLG.







We have pancake Hutchinson coming no worries

He will be franchised or signed long term for sure, is he even a free agent? Dude is a stud though.

He locked it up for like 90 million last summer.


I thought he was a FA this year - but your correct he signed an extension I missed.

Funny I found a recent article that said he’s a FA too.

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no we don’t as Hutch isn’t a certainty for us a lot of us would choose he or Thibs but, we have NO IDEA what our staff is going to pick until they already have and it is what it is no matter who they just picked .
Our discussions, Our Mocks, Our things…all of it, it’s fun ! But WE can’t pick chit or draft. and don’t know what we got til it’s done over smoke -cleared. It’s fun the whole process.

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I thought they resign him

I think Flowers is out regardless. Play vs compensation has been ridiculously poor. We’re paying the guy elite money and getting like D’Shawn Hand level play when healthy. Maybe better than that, but not nearly enough. He’s gone.

Then there is the big gamble. Will Hutch be there? More and more I’m not interested in Tibbs. If we get Hutch, then there is zero need for a high priced FA Edge player. Give Harris a decent deal, then ROk/JOk/Hutch/Bryant is a really good situation. BUT if Jax takes Hutch, then we’d be left really hating that we didn’t make a play for a stud FA like Reddick.

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Not only that but this free agency class has plenty to offer for Edge guys. So one could easily argue the Lions should address edge in FA and go DB in the draft. They would get more value that way but I like the idea of getting Hutch or KT and seeing what our coaching staff can due at CB. I do think the draft has a lot to offer at CB too.

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Reddick will be 28 in Sept., probably only has a couple of good years in him. I’d be down for the right price but I’m sure he could get better offers elsewhere.

I’m with @Air2theThrown and just draft Hutch or Thibs.

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