Why the Rams won the Stafford-Goff trade in an absolute landslide

I think both teams won because if Goff doesn’t work out, after two seasons, the Lions can move on with a $0 salary cap hit.


Monarrez-level take.

The money the Lions will owe Goff isn’t out of the ordinary for an NFL starting QB of his caliber at all.

Goff is easily moved on from within two seasons.

He doesn’t “hamstring the rebuild” in any way. He either gets rejuvenated here, or the Lions replace him, relatively painlessly.

As for Stafford being better at complex route trees, ummm… the Joe Lombardi era.


I know and like Doug Farrar, so this is not a Monarrez-level take, but it’s also short-sighted. First, he’s absolutely correct when he says …

This is not debatable. I’m so tired of fans here thinking they have some insight into Stafford that others don’t. We’re not the only ones who watch Lions games and Stafford in particular. He’s 100% correct here.

Where he comes up short is the cap stuff. As others have mentioned, we can move on from Goff. We’re not married to him. That’s just an errant take and Doug cited someone who hadn’t thought through the details.


(Then proceeds to offer an insight on Stafford that others don’t.)


LOL. C’mon man, you just lifted a line right from a paragraph. Context is important. My point is that people here have taken the, “Clearly the Rams are the crazy ones …” approach because they’ve deemed Stafford a non-contributing zero, as though LA doesn’t know exactly what they’re doing. They want to win a Super Bowl. They, like most in the NFL, know that Stafford can get them there.


Rams may have gotten the better deal, if:
Stafford takes them deep into the playoffs
Lions pick late in the first round and make two average picks in 22 and 23
Rams can turn their cash savings on Goff to more FA’s now

Its kind of all on Stafford. He is 33 and has had injuries.
We’re not expecting much from Goff. There’s a chance he turns it around.


With every deal, there are risks.

Stafford’s injury history is a risk the Rams are willing to take, but they have an organization that’s capable of keeping his jersey clean from his own blood, which the Lions didn’t do in 12 years.

I agree, obviously, with all of that—so in theory, which this is all it is at this point, the Rams upside of the deal is higher than Detroit. The Lions likely have two late first round picks, which are always a gamble, and the Rams have a real shot at the Super Bowl, which Detroit perennially never has.

Well, Vegas SB odds have improved for the team that added Stafford.

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If the Rams don’t win a Super Bowl with Stafford, it’s a bad trade for them. They will go 7 straight years without a 1rst round pick. They mortgaged the future for today. They are all or nothing and that’s the stakes at play for the Rams.

If the Lions continue to be basement dwellers as a franchise mounting more L’s in the history books, then this was a terrible trade for the Lions. Just like handing out draft grades, these opinions on the Stafford trade can only be judged a few years down the road.

I’m happy with what the Lions got… Today. We might look back in 2024 and the value of this trade may look very different.


This guy said quarterback “winz”. He seems like a fanboy.

Also, the Lions can cut Goff after two years with zero issues so the contract really isn’t that bad. If the sacrifice for taking on Goff for two years is an extra 1st then me and I’m sure most Lions fans would gladly make that sacrifice.

With that said, this is a good gamble for the Rams and absolutely the right trade for the Lions. I don’t understand why there always has to be a winner or loser. Both teams got what they wanted.


Rams going to the Superbowl is the ONLY way they break even in this deal. The mortgaged their future on a 33 year old QB that has never won a playoff game. I believe had he been there in 2020, the Rams would be in the Superbowl in a week, but that is 2020. 2021 & 2022 are different stories.

The only way the Rams “win” this deal is if they win a Superbowl with Stafford at QB. Eventually trading all those draft picks catches up to you. Less talent coming in starts to wear on a team and eventually you have to start thinking total rebuild.

This was a very risky “win now” move by the Rams that has has the potential to be a Tampa/Brady deal but the difference is Tampa didn’t have to give up a pair of 1st round picks to make the deal happen. Tampa won AND has either the #31 or #32 pick in this upcoming draft.


Agree. If Stafford gets hurt again and misses significant time, one of those 1st Rd picks could become considerably better.

The picks might be a lot better even if he stays healthy. That’s probably the best division in the league, there’s no guarantees that the Rams even make the playoffs.

Goff wasn’t the only problem with the Rams offense and just throwing Stafford in the mix doesn’t make them a SB team to me. I love stafford but he’s not Aaron Rodgers. I mean Staffords not even the best QB in that division. I love Matt Stafford and I will always be a fan and hope he does win a SB but I love what the Lions got out of


Here’s the headline 1 year from today:

Why the lions won the trade in an absolute landslide

He was trying to belittle the take of anyone critical of Stafford’s inability to win in Detroit in 12 years. That thing that’s dismissed by his fan club as being the blame of everything EXCEPT him.

It’s going to be refreshing to have him in a place where The Stafford Excuse Wheel has to be retired. After what the Rams just paid to get him, and for what purpose, that fan base isn’t going to be as interested in spinning it as this one historically has.

He could go out there and thrive. Still, I wouldn’t ship the Lombardi Trophy and League MVP trophy to Agoura Hills just yet.

Both teams did well and got what they wanted. LAR overpaid because their window is now and Stafford from Goff is a big time upgrade, and they decided they wouldn’t win with Goff so either piss away their current window or go “all in” winning in the next 2-4 years.

Detroit gets two first rounders a third rounder and a former #1OA 26 yr old QB reclamation project who was drafted by their new GM.

Stafford was the only move for LAR and they paid for it. They went from 18-1 odds to 10-1,


Reading on the Rams forum that Goff was the most blitzed QB in the league because the Rams front couldn’t keep him clean. Can’t vouch for the accuracy of that, but if true, Matt may face similar pressure. Our line here seemed to be better pass blockers than run blockers, with the Rams it may be the reverse. Honestly rooting for Matt to do well, but yes, there is a risk there, and you can’t escape the fact that we may benefit. Can’t root for it though.

did our odds go down, or is it just not worth it, lol.

I believe people are acting like Sean McVay is some kind of QB whisperer here.

When Sean was the OC in Washington between 2014-2016 they went with Kirk Cousins as their starter. And the Redskins scored the 26th most points in 2014, the 10th most points (2015) and 12th most points (in 2016). Kirk stayed in Washington in 2017 before going to the Vikes in 2018. That is solid for McVay.

Then McVay inherits Goff and the Rams in 2017. Goff was horrific as a 7 game starter for Jeff Fisher’s Rams…they scored the 32nd most points in the league. They bottomed out.

McVay arrives in LA and takes the Rams, with Goff, to 1st in scoring in the league. Jared Goff starts 15 games for the Rams. Kupp, Gurley and Robert were Jared’s top targets with Watkins being 5th on the list. And Todd Gurley BLOWS up with 19 total TDs and 2,000+ total combined yards.

In 2018 the Rams were again great at scoring, coming in 2nd. Jared starts 16 games. Gurley again blows up with 1,900 combined yards and 21 TDs. Robert Woods, Brandon Cooks, Giurley and Woods are the top target guys.

By 2019 cracks are forming. The offense is 11th in scoring. Goff starts 16 games. Gurley’s production plummets to just over 1,000 combined yards and 14 TDs. Woods, Kupp, TE Higbee an Cooks are the top targets with Woods and Kupp blowing up for a combined 2,200 yards and 12 TDs. Wow. Goff throws for 4,600+ yards but only 22 TDs to 16 INTs. Not very good.

By 2020 the shine done wore off. Gurley is gone, the running game suffers and Goff appears to bottom out. The Rams are 22nd in points scored.

Point is the Rams are riding with their coach who got 'em to the dance but is McVay really that good? Clearly Jared Goff is the scapegoat for McVay but his running game sucks now compared to earlier. The 2020 Rams were 10th in rushing yards still (15th in average per carry)…after being 26th in rushing yards in 2019 (29th in average per carry). In 2018 they were 3rd in rushing and 3rd in average and in 2017 they were 8th in rushing yards and 7th in rushing average.

As their rushing game slid out of the top 5 their offensive production went way down. If McVay that good or is he living on past success? If Matt the missing piece for them?

I’ll say this; if Matt lives and dies by his arm with the Rams like he did with the Lions but with a much better defense I don’t think the results will be great for the Rams even with Matt.

I admit I am totally intrigued by Jared Goff at this point. I don’t see McVay as a Caldwell-like QB whisperer.

Who won this trade? The Lions until the Rams win big as the Lions have time and the Rams don’t. The pressure is on McVay who got his guy but is gutting the team’s ability to add top talent. The 2018 Rams were 20th in defensive points allowed but in 2020 they were 1st in points allowed which is amazing. But in 2019? They were 17th in points allowed. And in 2017 the Rams were 12th in points allowed. Point is this team was good/great with a running game and a defense. If the defense gets worse or the running game continues to slide that could be bad for the Rams. The 2020 Rams were 10th in total rushing yards and 15th in rushing average. Solid but not amazing. In 2019 the Rams were 26th in rushing yards and 29th in rushing average…and Goff’s numbers reflect that perfectly.

If I am a Rams fan I am very worried about this trade. As a Lions fan I am intrigued. If we can run the ball well and play defense this team should be interesting and the expectations are low. The Rams have to win big in 2021 or this trade will look really, really awful soon. In fact, if the Rams don’t gop on long winning streaks and win multiple playoff games/get to the Super Bowl this is a terrible trade for them. Win now and win the trade. Lose now and get worse over time, McVay gets fired and the wheels fall off for the Rams.