Why the Sean McVay-Jared Goff partnership fell apart for Los Angeles Rams

Basically the interpersonal situation turned toxic. Lions potentially got a windfall here. I’m curious how the Stafford-McVay relationship turns out.

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Yes this article is getting a ton of attention on the Ramsrule board.

Can’t wait for this season to see what Goff can do with a different leader in charge. Same with Stafford.

I’d pipe Sean’s girlfriend.

Now you done it Shadeo! You are being traded to the Chicago Bears forum.

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And not Goff’s girlfriend?


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Thanks for posting this, interesting read.

Its certainly going to be an interesting dynamic to watch play out. As I’ve said before, the two QBs are in completely different positions. If Goff just does what he’s done in the past, it will validate what he’s accomplished and people will elevate him in QB conversations. But if Stafford just does what he’s done in the past, it will validate the criticisms people have had of him and lower his status.

Exactly right.

What’s tricky is that the Rams had such a good defense last year that Wolford was able to beat Arizona with an extremely mediocre performance. Goff was able to beat Seattle with a broken thumb doing just enough. Goff played very well against Green Bay the next week but because the defense was a no-show the rams lost.

For the Lions, it’s all about playing good team ball and that starts with depth all over the roster.