Why Trading with the Patriots Makes Sense

If you look at the Lions draft position of #7, the point value is 1500 points.

The Patriots sitting at #15 is 1050pts.

You’d expect them to throw in their 2nd round #46 worth 440 points to make it an even trade. Nope the Patriots won’t do it.

Instead, the Patriots are value pickers and would probably offer something like their #15 (1050pts) + a 3rd (116pts) + 6th (17pts) or maybe 2 4th rounders (54pts) and (36pts) .

This means that the Lions would be getting 2 more lower picks instead of the 2nd rounder. Patriots will do it because they may get a top 5 QB and it’s points value in their favor. Lions will do it because they get 3 players for the cost of a top10 pick.

I hope the Lions can trade down because I believe in adding picks… and then using those picks to add picks… and so on…

But… Pats would need to give up more than that to make that trade IMO.

The #7 pick could be the #3 non-QB pick… or the 4th QB off the board. Either way… way more value than a few mid-round picks.


I just want to stay where we are and pick the best player available. We have plenty of picks. There is no award for having the most draft picks.


Nah. 15 is too far a drop for 3rd and 6th round picks. You want to trade up for a QB you have to pay for it. #15 and their SRP wouldn’t be enough. I’d want their FRP next season as well.


That would be a horrendous trade for the Lions. If they want to jump all the way up to 7, I want their 2022 1st. If not, the Lions are perfectly content taking the best talent at 7 and good luck to Bill trying to find his franchise QB at 15.


I don’t want more low round picks … moving up in the first (especially top ten) requires real collateral. Rd 6 and 7 might as well just be UDFAs.
Plus, NE probably won’t work with Detroit right now, because we fired their ear pencil boy.

I’m hanging up on the Hoodie if the offer isn’t at least 15 and 46 plus some later picks or 15 and next year’s first plus some later picks.

I do really like Zaven Collins.
If D Smith is off board, and NE also offers 2nd round pick… (huge if’s! But scenarios I hope upper guys keep in mind), I’d gladly take.
Z Collins at 15
R Moore at 41
D Nixon at 46
I suddenly learn how to do backflips…

If we play our cards right, we can have every single pick in the 2047 draft.

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Nobody wins trading with NE. Stay away…

I don’t want to trade down just to trade down. If it doesn’t make sense for the Lions value wise then why do it? A 3rd to move down 8 spots? No thanks.

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No fricking trade down past 9. Get an elite talent, lock. This team has a lot of “guys” but not one real All-Pro level talent ( well, maybe Ragnow, but whoopdy-shit, our Center)

Not One Guy that you would say is top 5 at his position.

Hell you could very cogently argue that beyond Ragnow we have Not One Guy who is Top 10 at his position. Hock is the only one even close besides Ragnow

Quit jonesing for Beenz. Get A Stud. Period. Done. End of Story.


Moar beenz

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So, who are the guys that can be top-5 at their position in this year’s draft? Who are those “elite” players?

This is what quinn would accept. Good thing he is gone

Smith, Chase. Maybe Sewell. I mean guys we can get of course.

Detroit has. Numerous times.
You can trade all day with New England look at all their past trades and players picked.
Detroit own New England.
Seattle owns Detroit.


NE trades down more than most teams… There are a heck of a lot of good players in the middle rounds. Majority of elite top 5 players at their position were not picked in the top 7. Aaron Donald was picked 13 because he was a little undersized.

#15 plus two more guys in 3-5th rounds is the choice I’d take. Maybe washington #19 is a good one. They’d maybe give up their 3rd and next years 2nd.

You need to quit looking solely at the trade chart. There’s zero value for the Lions in the trades you propose.

It cost the Bills two 2nds to move from 12 to 7 for Allen.

The league is QB crazier now. It will take more than that, not less.