Why wait untillast minute to. cut players

Are teams waiting looking for trades

Thats part of it. Also, if you want to pass guys through waivers to the PS, why give another club extra time to think about grabbing your dude


Maybe for some guys, but hard to believe they’re holding on to a guy like Boswell to kick tires on trades involving him.


Exactly, the vets get released early as we saw yesterday. Guys we are trying to stash on the PS, will likely be last minute cuts. Flood the waiver wire all at the same time, make it difficult for teams to choose.

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True, some of those guys left are dead fish rotting at this point


Also not every cut is an easy one. Some of these decisions require lengthy conversations with not only Brad but with the other coaches.


One mans dead fish is another mans sushi!

See Kyle Van Noy! His name even sounds like a fish.


Sometimes you’re waiting to see if you can swing a trade for your needs and can use someone as a return piece.

Unless you are Levy - then it is a dick fish.


They’re sitting around listening and singing along to this

Big Brother Pop GIF by Big Brother After Dark


There is a lot of things:

When agents find out about a cut, they usually leak it to the press, that is where most of the information comes from.
Teams want to let the player know first before letting anyone else know. With cell phones, it’s easier now, but can still be an issue.
Some of the final releases may have to do with what other teams are doing. i.e. if a DT becomes available on waiver wire, they adjust their thoughts on the last few spots (keeping a DT over an extra CB).

Hard Knocks film crew time out.

especially the better and better this team gets , the rougher cuts will be.

Injuries concerns mainly.

But the other big reason is your practices are broken up and you need the camp bodies to help work out your final roster.