Why was my post locked?

The post about the First Take vid about the Lions?. Just looking for clarification of the reason so I can either fix the mistake in a new post or at least have a cut and dried set of rules to go by.

We have a video on YouTube of a major sports show basically calling our Lions racists, and it seems strange that Lions fans should not be able to discuss this on a Lions forum.

If it was using the word idiot and such then I can certainly understand that and would start another post without such language, but I would think the overall post is very Lions centered, about a major sports show personality calling our team racist.

I am asking if any fan here can see any reason for the show to interject race in the Caldwell firing or the Matty P hiring.

So I’m at least hoping for some clarification as the subject was about the Lions and current as well and also a serious accusation by this show. Can we discuss a major sports talk show on espn making a serious attack on the Lions organization on a Lions forum?

I think they’re avoiding topics like that, just as politics are forbidden. While you yourself wouldn’t be seen as race-baiting in your take or in your sharing, the video itself is. It’s an uninformed “hot take” meant to drum up listeners and/or reactions, premised on racism. That video is race-baiting by definition and therefore locked.

I don’t blame them for the hard line they’re drawing on it.

I didn’t lock your thread nor did I see it. But based on your definition I’d say that @LineBusy is probably right. The right thing to do is look at your locked thread. See who locked it and message that mod privately with all your questions. Keep in mind that it’s a rule violation to bring up moderation decisions openly.

However - We understand that there is a lot going on in the world today. That often the lines are blurred between politics and Lions discussion. Yet no matter what is happening in the world, this is considered a safe space to just talk about the Detroit Lions. Race and politics are touchy subjects where emotions get involved, and then discussions often get heated. Race baiting and politics are strictly forbidden. We have to take a hard line on these subjects.

That being said, there is a zero tolerance policy surrounding political talk in The Den . Political talk has no place on a forum dedicated strictly for the discussion of the Detroit Lions. It sounds like your post fell on those blurred lines and as a result doesn’t belong here.

I’m going to lock this thread also. If you’d like to discuss it more than please message a moderator.

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