Why we might pass on a rusher early

Romeo Okwara $14,500,000
Julian Okwara $1,344,911
Austin Bryant $1,148,158

Now that’s almost 16 Million Now if the draft Hutch add another 7 million for 4 Edge rushers thats 23 million an some here want us to reup Harris that’s going to be in 6 mil range

You need to draft an sign players who help but also control cost.

We can add a top WR for 7 million at two an yes every pick is a gamble
Josh Reynolds say 3 million
Brown Is 1 million just over
Cephus Is 1 million just over
Draft pick at 2 7 million
Your top 4 would be 12 million over couple would also just be a million at most
You have 6 WR improved quality for aprox 14 million
Why i am not sold on edge at pick two

You could even make argument for say Floyd at 2 with cost of are ILB now
I think they want a Edge but not at 7 million an I know an Like Hutch but that Number 2 pick is 7 million

To build you need to add an at same time control cost. If walker did reup that may point us to how we will approach draft


I think the Lions will let Charles Harris test the market.

Yes, he had 7.5 sacks, but was he a one-year wonder ala 2014 George Johnson (6.0 sacks); 2017 Anthony Zettel (6.5 sacks), 2005 Kalimba Edwards (7.0 sacks in his contract year), 2016 Kerry Hyder (8.0 sacks)?.

Add in the fact that the draft is full of pass rushers, I can’t see them overpaying just to keep Harris.


If they pay Hitch 7 mil thats 23 million for edge without few depth so likely around 25 million

100% agreed. It would be nice to have him back at the right price. But, overpaying him wouldn’t be smart based on his track record in the league.

I think the main reason we take Hutch or Thibs or even maybe Johnson is because Romeo is coming off an achilles tear, counting on him is extremely risky. Just like many are concerned about Okudah and for good reason. Achilles tears are brutal to come back from. I sure hope they both make it back strong, but we gotta be prepared for the worst.

If anyone pays Harris anything more than the NFL average for DE’s (3.8m), they are out of their minds. Guys who only perform in their contract year are major red flags.


Harris would have paced for 8 sacks in Atlanta with a 75% snap share?

I see him as our reverse L Tomlinson. A first talent that we stole who played near his original draft position once he got A) scheme fit and B) playing time.

In 4 years in a 3-4 he has never been below 60.0 PFF….

The only question is do we both paying him if we move to a 4-3… unless it’s as a rush SAM- nope

I’d go 3 years 15M

…and TJ Watt costs 28 million a year for just himself.
23-25 million for 4 DE’s is very good.

16 million isn’t a good reason to not draft a DE.


I never said we wouldn’t draft one just not one that will cost 7 million.

I am not anti Hutch I will be happy with his pick. I just think we can get a Edge on a deep class later an use 7 million on another position.

You an other get locked in on certain players an forget about rest of the team.
We get some Cap room an you want to over paid older players because they were good once so lets go to lions an get retirement contract an just go through motions.

We just unloaded last season those contracts an some here want to just start them again.

I’d go 3 years 15M You said that i would take that deal but he will get more likely lot more. Again i am not anti Harris but even your cheap deal which he will get more you add that to 7 million for Hutch you just added 12 million to cap along with the Cap of 16 million i listed of signed players. Thats 28 million just on edge an likely only two on field at time if we play more 4-3 .

Bring him home. From DEtroit, Michigan, weighing in at 320 pounds, with 43 tackles, 16 solo and 9 sacks, it is Eyioma Uwazurike.
“First Team All-Big 12 … Second Team Academic All-Big 12 … one of the top defensive linemen in the Big 12 … started all 13 games on the interior and on the edge … had the second-most tackles on the team among down linemen with 42 … second on the team in TFL (12.0) and sacks (9.0), ranking fourth in the Big 12 and 30th nationally in sacks … also second on the team in QB hurries with six … had at least 0.5 TFL in 10 of 13 games.”

Waiting to see his combine numbers.

Exactly… the D-line is a priority.

Rams had Donald at $22.5 million AAV…
the re-signed Floyd at $16 million AAV…

then…… they gave up 2nd and 3rd round picks to get Von Miller… and a decent amount of that draft capital was given up so the Broncos would eat $9 million of the remaining $9.7 million in salary Von was due to make for the remainder of season.

Meanwhile… they let a really good pro-bowl caliber safety leave a free agent last offseason.
They also traded away a starting off ball LB to save money.

And 1 of the top reasons they won the Super Bowl was a dominant pass rush… while a 37yo dude got off his couch to play safety in the playoffs.

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Edge is a priority
Not clear what your concern is

They’re going to pay someone the 2OA rookie contract regardless of position

They can resign Harris and still justify taking Hutch or Tibs.

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You spend what you think is ok you take away from other positions. You only have so much Cap .

I am not against Hutch but Hutch an Harris would be way over pay.

I think Lions will be in more a 4 -2 even if they call it 4-3 They will use a DB or even fast LB to be in back 5

Remember what they said D will be adjusted to suit what they have an if they plan on Hutch they will not reup Harris IMO

This is good idea, because he isn’t likely to see that 3rd year. Nothing in his history says he will be consistently above average for 3 years. Give him some cheddar up front and back load that 3rd year with a lot of salary. If he proves us wrong, he deserves it. Otherwise it’s a 2 year deal for say $8-10M, which is more than the average and a win-win.

2022 Signing Bonus $5M Salary $2M ,Cap hit-$3.67 Cash total paid on contract $7M
2023 Salary $3M ,Cap hit $4.67, dead $ to cut $$3.3M- Cash total $10m
2024 Salary $5M ,Cap hit $6.67M dead $ to cut $1.67M- Cash total $15M

I don’t think they’d want to let both Harris and Flowers go. I’m thinking they keep one.

I don’t think Hutch and Harris would be an overpay
Harris wouldn’t be overly expensive and if he wanted too much he’d have to find it elsewhere

We have an OL with a bunch of first rounders on it and a couple vets — nobody is unhappy with that

The DL needs a talent upgrade— it won’t be an overspend.

You cant go qrong on dline picks in 1st rd…heck id take 2 or 3 in the 1st 3 picks

Id be trying to trade down a little.