Why We Need To Consider Resigning Harris or Drafting Hutch

Julian Okwara $1,344,911
Romeo Okwara $14,500,000
Austin Bryant $1,148,158

Now if you resign Charles Harris most say between 6 an 8 Million so lets for post say 7 Mil Now you add Hutch 7.2 million Your looking at roughly $ 30 million for Edge Players an normally on two play at one time.

I am not against resigning Harris or Drafting Hutch i am just pointing out the estimate cost.

Something to consider looking at draft the Number two pick will get over 7 mil.

I don’t see it as a factor. If you have 1 good pass rusher he is making over 20M a year.


What you spend on one position an have 1 or 2 7 million players sitting takes away form other positions.

You need to consider everything including cap.

If I said you can have Harris or Hutch not both who u you taking

With Flowers we were paying more than that this year.

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An how many wins? How much did he play spening money like that? To use him this past year imagine if you had even half that what positions would be better.

I happen to like both players I am not bashing Harris or hutch if he is the pick. I am just pointing out what would be 30 million cost.

Just for the record I would resign Harris an have no problem if they drafted Hutch. Just pointing out the Cap cost .

Bryant is on contract years so they could trade him or let him walk next year. Thee are not bad problems to have just what you have to consider when you post all the signings an costs .