Wide Receiver targets

We all know the Lions wide receivers are the weakest part of the team. I am pessimistic that without massively overpaying we will not lure any elite FA wide receivers here. That leaves the draft to rebuild our receivers. We need at least 2 that can step in and produce at a high volume immediately. Who would be your targets in the draft? I would love to come out of this draft with Jameson Williams and Romeo Doubs.

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Williams Burk one of top graded an how about speed WR Zay Flowers If we go FA for one i like Wilson from cowboys should be about 6 mill .

Sign Reynolds to joining St Brown an Cephus

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At least stick with Gallup coyote! If Cedric Wilson is our FA add at WR, that’s pathetic. He is just a depth WR. I know you like him, but this is not changing a thing at the position.

There’s about 5-6 guys I would love with pick 1B or our 2nd. It would be easy to list the ones I don’t like lol

To Much Cap to invest in Gallup
Not Looking for stud stars develop them draft two maybe be lucking in UDFA
If you want experienced Wilson would add that an depth.

You just want to spend to spend I want to spend to build.

We have two who have proven they can play Pro Ball ad two more in Draft Why do you need a 16 million dollar WR?

You could Have Wilson an likely Reynolds for 10 total.
How many on field same time?
Yes get In injuries happens to every team.
Thats why you keep 5 or 6
If we sign Reynolds we have 3 already add two more in draft.

There is a time you go after the 16 mil WR next season is not the season.
You want to build a good team or just get nice media coverage .
The next two years Giants are in for over 21 million per year for Golladay . If i recall some here were pissed that Lions let him walk an we will get a 3rd pick for letting that happen.

I hope this management don’t follow past practice.

This years so far 9 games an zero TDs for over 4 million an 21 million next two years. I know we can’t tell what can happen but there is a point where you just say its to rich.

I would Like to have lets just say could be many combinations but say Burk an maybe who knows Bell from draft to work with Brown an Cephus an maybe Reynolds that would be a nice WR corp an not real expensive.
If one or maybe 2 don’t produce you can add two more in draft 2023 Likely have 5 very good ones for few years for less that Golladay’s 21 million. Could happen or maybe they secure some other positions an in 2023 we go get a stud WR.
Two go with a solid WR corp.
There is time they will spend to get one or two studs next year is not the year.

Amon Ra St. Brown is having one of the best seasons outside of the round 1 WR’s…and that’s mostly because we don’t have anyone else to play but him, so he’s benefiting from the lack of talent here at WR…but point being is that you mostly likely need to take a WR early to contribute, the other WR will have to come to us via Free Agency.
I’m not saying I’m against drafting 2 WR’s…but you can’t just draft 2 rookies and expect them to be quality starters right away.

Bring in a vet Free Agent and combining him with Aman Ra, Khalif, Josh Reynolds, and rookie WR and maybe we’ll at least have a competent WR group.


This is a very good WR draft and it really isn’t clear to me that any of the top 5-6 are that much better than the others. They all have the makings of being solid NFL WR’s and would be a great addition to our roster.


I’ve got a different take on this than most folks. I think if you resign Reynolds for depth, you have two semi decent options with him and St. Brown. At this point, I diverge from most opinions here and say go big or go home. Go for Godwin.

I think one, true, stud receiver could change the entire dynamic. It improves the running game, improves the percentage of windows for all the other receivers, including Hockenson. Better offense means better defense.

By all means, draft another receiver, but if you want this ship headed in the right direction, go get a proven winner and hope you get lucky on a draft pick. Call me crazy, but I think with the right piece, this rebuild can hopefully move into the not swearing at the TV phase sooner than expected.


Don’t forget Cephus, he was decent this year when he played. I think we might draft a WR with the Rams 1st rounder.

Even Shiela knew it when she asked Holmes who was going to be catching the football for us during the draft.

Holmes and Dan chose to field a WR group of this level. So that begs the question. What if they choose to do so again?

It reminds me of BQ and how he chose to give Caldwell no running backs two years in a row.

So what if we sign a FA WR who we end up cutting.
What if Reynolds leaves in FA.
And all we do is draft a WR in round 4 again?

Ultimately we end up fielding another horrible WR group. What then?

Rarely do rookie WR’s have much of an impact. So if we’re looking to significantly improve our WR group than we will need to do so via free agency.

I think we need at least one quality free agent WR. He doesn’t have to be a stud but he needs to be a starting level WR. The Lions found both Golden Tate and Marvin Jones via free agency. Neither broke the bank. It can be done.

Then they need to draft a WR high.

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I am ALL for getting a stud WR in FA. I just think the only way we do is if we grossly overpay. I don’t see any of the top notch WR FAs coming to Detroit without a near record deal.

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He’s been on a few shortlists posted here. One Free agent with one higher pick to package with St Brown, Cephus, Reynolds and Raymond would make for a much better group.

Like… in the 5-15 range???

I don’t think the Lions will pursue the high priced stud FA WR
No doubt it’s tempting but it doesn’t fit what they’re trying to do
It probably would be the wrong move

I like the idea of getting a Tate/Jones type who will come at a reasonable cost
With their 2nd or 3rd pick — take the BPA WR
Obviously that pick must be a fast, disciplined route runner
Maybe get a burner type in R4 — I don’t know, can Goff handle a burner?

There is no doubt in my mind they will attempt to improve their most glaring roster hole
Any suggestion that they may not … I’m not sure how to respond because it’s too far out there to bother.
It wasn’t addressed this year because they really couldn’t properly address it
Lose top 3 receivers and no money to spend
They chose to address the greater roster evils …

I suppose it will depend on what OC we have next year and what kind of offense they want to build long term and what kind of QB they want in the long term too.

I think we need an outside receiver with real downfield speed. Whether that be in the draft or FA. Someone who is going to at least make teams respect that there is a downfield threat and keep safeties honest which should give the likes of Swift, St Brown and Hockenson a bit more room to maneuver on the short and underneath stuff.

Is going out and paying big money or drafting a guy who’s main strength is being a jump ball receiver a bit of a waste if Goff is going to be the QB next year.

Also, while a different type of receiver but the Saints are in cap hell and it seems that their relationship with Michael Thomas has soured and he won’t play there again but they can’t really cut him due to his dead cap hit which is over 20 million.

Given our coaching staffs links to him and our cap space for 2022 could there be the possibility to get a very talented receiver for pennies on the dollar or even get a pick off the Saints to take over his contract hit.

I think he is the kind of volume receiver Goff would love.

He’ll be 29yo and coming off a significant ankle injury.

He wasn’t a burner to begin with… and the age combined with injury could cause a pretty sudden decline in his ability.

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Yeah there is a lot of risk associated with it and he would no doubt want a new deal with a big chunk of guaranteed money to come here no doubt but I would be intrigued by such a move.

Some guy I like that probably won’t cost to much are

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I’m certain you have good, logical reasons for liking that group, but when I see "won’t cost too much ", the downfrequency translation in my brain shortcuts to “won’t add too much either (Bill Schroeder, Az-Hakim)”. This is my failing, and I understand that, but that’s immediately where my mind goes.

Yeah, why resign Morton and Moore when you can get Schroeder and Az-Hakim?

It’s like if you can get a jug of milk for half price, why pay full price? (actual analogy used by Millen to the press)

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