Wiggins, Williams promoted to Active Roster

Wiggins is no surprise cuz Vaitai is OUT and Wiggins has experience at RT. RB Jonathan Williams is a different story, it makes you wonder if the Lions will sit D’Andre Swift. Or if another RB suddenly has an injury or some other problem.

Cripes I hope Swift is fine. Looking forward to seeing him the most. Fug.

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I expect to see the hot dog vendor in the backfield by the 3rd quarter

Wait, what? No fans?

Well, we can plug the security guard in then.

The last time we did that the guy answered the Bell well and acquitted himself quite nicely.


I thought they were allowed to activate two practice squad players for GameDay. Should we be reading into it?


Yes, that is correct!

Swift is fine.

I was expecting this to be honest.

Williams is a big power back type. With Bo out and no real FB we really have no one to be the power back.

Not only does Williams run with power. He’s pretty good on screens and sweeps in the passing game. Which should come in handy to help slow that CHI pass rush.

If he puts ketchup on the pigskin I’m cancelling Sunday ticket. Everyone has their breaking point