Wildcard Weekend thread

Well, Ebron drops one in the end zone. Luckily, the Colts don’t need that one.

Basically sums up his entire season with them.

People romanticize the popularity contest that it the Pro Bowl, but forget the guy had a ton of drops this year too. Without looking where it is currently, I know he lead the league at several points (again) this season.

Luck has always thrown a ton to TE’s.

At any rate, anyone want to make the predictions for all games?

I don’t think anyone wants to play the Colts or Eagles. Texans have a weird way of coming back in games like this. And where did the Colts defense come from?? Damn.

I still like KC.

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Of the 12 Playoff Quarterbacks, SEVEN are on cheap contracts.

…And Wilson went down on Saturday. That leaves 4 of 11 teams with Uber-paid QBs.

Very very tough to build around a 25-31 million QB - especially one who doesn’t re-work his deal (like Brady)



I’ll say Pats and Rams get to the big game. Not predicting a winner.

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I’ll play.

Sorry late.

Chargers win

Bears win

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I do wonder if a bunch of teams have essentially kneecapped themselves by giving huge contracts to average quarterbacks, because that was the going price. Look at our division. We have three QBs getting superstar amounts of money. Only one of them is actually worth it, and only the team with a cheap rookie made the playoffs.

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I’d love to see the Charger meet the Saints in the Super Bowl…Brees vs Rivers. Both of them deserve another shot to add to their Hall of Fame resumes.

Though I don’t think it’ll happen, I’d prefer a Chiefs/Eagles Superbowl with a Chiefs victory.

That was definitely a hold.


Eagles getting there puts our 3rd round pick at the bottom of the round.

It’s pretty compelling evidence.

I’ve been preaching a form of this for a long time, except mine was “don’t draft QB in top 10” back under the old rookie cap. So I saw this coming.

Of course since Millen/Mayhew arrived, we drafted two top of the draft QBs. Lions always the last ones to the party.

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That was way too early to run an onside kick, IMHO. Especially since the rule changes have made recovering one very unlikely. Kick it deep, and trust your defense to give you better field position.

John Harbaugh should be unemployed tomorrow.
You have a Super Bowl MVP sitting in the bench and leave a struggling youngster in.

Trubisky is hard at work reminding us that being lucky is better than being good.

Go Bears.

Like to see KC/LA rematch. Over/Under 96?

I’m agreeing with the dude that talked about QB pay!

Wondering when, and to what extent, this levels itself out? QB salaries start to consume a smaller % of team salary caps?

Makes sense to me.

Tate with (maybe) the game winner!

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