Will 8-8 get QuinnTricia another year?

…Even if just missing the Playoffs??

…Knowing the Fords?: I say yes.

With WCF, it would be a lock. With Martha and/or Sheila, debatable.

8-8 would do it, for better or worse. I guess optics matter. Are they a relevant team down the stretch, or do they suck and then eke out a few wins at the end in meaningless games to bring them to .500?

I’d say the Fords are married to Stafford, if they don’t win something over the next 2 years, it’s full-on rebuild time again.

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Yep. 8-8 will do it unless its a bad 8-8. She never gave them a “win now” edict. That didn’t happen. It appeared that way, but read their statement. They just want to see them competitive.

7-9 probably does, 6-10 could too…I really think this “be competitive” edict from Martha was window dressing placating the fans. They IMO are here through 21, when Stafford is here.


6 wins would see them back. That’s double the win total of the previous season.


It will depending on how it gets done.

If Stafford gets hurt again and they squeeze 8 wins out they are coming back.

However if the defense is a dumpster fire and we eke out 7-8 wins with a healthy Stafford I think they are gone

And they should be. Me if they can’t win 10 games with the roster we have then they should be gone.

Before I read yours, that’s where I was going. Anything 6 or above would get the, “I really mean it this time” speech.

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Either make the playoffs or suck again to get Lawrence or Fields.

Where are those 6 wins going to come from?

6 division games. 0-6 last season

AFC south, NFC south, Arizona/Washington ??

Probably. I don’t believe Martha’s ultimatum.


Yeah. I think 8-8 would definitely give these guys more time sadly. I’d rather they suck and then have a shot at a QB , than do the 7-9, 8-8 thing. Middling would be the worst long term for the franchise. Make the playoffs or gtfo.

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Yep - completely agree.

Playoff win or broom them out…Nothing less, they had their shot.

The only way I would bring Fat Pat back would be a playoff win. He’s too toxic a coach and lazy Quin is a failed GM. I don’t care if they go 8-8 or 12-4. They have to win a playoff game this year or bye bye.

It depends on how 8-8 looked on the field. If these guys are playing and no drama within the team, i suspect yes he will be here. Personally, I would fire him but that’s not my decision

This is my preference. Hell, I think that at least Patricia should’ve been fired last year.

Unfortunately, I think they have a ton of latitude. I think they’re likely back at 7-9.

Yeah with the history of this organization, and the kinda of vague requirements Martha laid out for them to “compete for the playoffs”, I feel like you may be right.

I don’t either. I think they want to win…but I don’t think she will fire the regime even if they go 8-8. Think she has bought into the build takes time scenario.