Will Barnes be Active on Gameday?

“Derrick Barnes didn’t play a single snap on defense and just 13 of a possible 25 snaps on special teams”

I wonder if the team will continue to make him active on game day….



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I agree that Barnes may go to the practice squad, but that decision was made long before the 1 game he played in this season. You don’t give up on any player after 1 game unless something is going on behind the scenes. Hutch had a bad first game too, he was not benched and he will not go to the practice squad, and that decision also was made long ago.

Chris Board better be careful, he may be next in line for the raft of the staff. He outplayed Anzalone again this week on just 16 snaps compared to Anzalone’s 67. That doesn’t fit Campbell’s plan. My prediction is his snap counts will go down and excuses will be made.

As far as Barnes is concerned, his career with the Lions is over, he doesn’t fit into their plans either. Hopefully another team will be able to claim him off the practice squad, I don’t know how that works. However if he gets picked up he will be fine and have a very prosperous NFL career.

Hook, line and sinker.


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Barnes will be active. All it takes is for an injury and he’s on the field. Honestly the guy just needs more game time. I don’t think they have given up on him. Just don’t think the lions, or anyone else, knew how good this 6th round draft pick was going to be. Rodrigo is a stud.



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Look at the depth chart, Derrick Barnes plays behind ANZALONE, not Rodrigo.The last pre-season game both Rodrigo and Barnes were on the field together and they looked great. That has not happened in the regular season yet, Anzalone does not come off the field.

They aren’t giving up on a second year guy … especially since Holmes and Spielman were behind the pick.

He’s young, and still can figure it out. Playing LB in the NFL aint easy these days … I mean Jarrad Davis was pretty decent in college, and completely overwhelmed so far as a pro.


So Rodrigo can’t get injured?

Board plays behind Rodrigo and he is playing very well, he has cut into some of Rodrigo’s snaps. We would be fine with him in the game.

All I’m saying is all it takes is an injury or two and Barnes gets on the field.


“Look at the depth chart, Derrick Barnes plays behind ANZALONE, not Rodrigo”

So why are you comparing him to Anzalone’s then? If Board and Anzalone don’t play the same spot then why not compare Board to Rodrigo??

No need to answer as I know it already!


Yep - we have a leadership team that will not give up on Barnes, as long as he is willing imho

If Barnes give up, you have to let him go and move on….

Barnes will never give up, but he could lose trust.

some way, something has to happen here, either they start playing him or you put him on PS or let him go… sink or swim, you give him the chance to play, get experience, PT, reps, and then if you want to set him, you know you can use the guy…unless he’s a bust…but give him a fair chance.

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No need to answer as I know it already

I put out the depth chart because many claim Rodrigo took Barnes’ spot, yet he plays behind Anzalone. My point with Board is the staff claims the best players will be on the field,Rodrigo could easily move to
Anzalone’s spot, ( Sheppard said he is the smartest young player he has met), and play Board as the other LB.
I am keeping with my belief that Anzalone will not come off the field.

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You are giving up already!? You also don’t seem to understand how the practice squad works. Barnes is on the 53 man roster. Haha no chance Barnes goes on the practice squad, he’d have to be released to even be eligible. The only way he could be signed to the practice squad is if all 31 other teams pass on him on waivers, which of course would never happen because as you know, he’s the greatest linebacker in the history of the NFL.

Barnes will be active and playing special teams next week vs the Vikes. Book it. The coaches don’t trust him on defense right now, but he can still offer value on special teams and be a backup linebacker. The kid is a 4th round pick early in year 2, and those guys should be playing special teams.