Will Detroit Set A New NFL Record Sunday?

Yep I was at that game and in 1992 vs Dallas the playoff game. My ears rang for days after that game. It was so loud the building was shaking. People said they could feel the vibrations a mile away. I wish they measured sounds back then because I’m confident that would be the record.

FF has never been that loud. Not even close.


So you’re agreeing the list is wrong or I’m somehow misreading the list because I can’t see the context?

Depends on the context.

If it’s loudest per person then the list could be right. If it’s just loudest then it’s definitely wrong.

I can say this. I routinely had to wear earplugs at the Silverdome in the Barry years. Most fans wore them.

You never see fans wear them at FF.


That’s what I was thinking, since they put the seating capacity on there. But thanks for chiming in, I knew I wasn’t crazy.

Wish they would have showed the DBs at WrestleMania 23. It was stupid. Probably hard to gauge thought with entrance music being on at the same time.

Arizona Cardinals.

I’m just happy the conversation includes everyone else’s experience with attending the awesomely loud games. I was just on the phone with a friend and we were debating it LOL. Obviously without being there you’d never know, but we still stand by the MNF game against the Bears as the loudest we’ve heard personally. I’m not even sure how anything can be louder haha, but I guess it can be.

I just question how outdoor stadiums can have significantly more dbs… I dunno, I’d just think a dome would have much more of an advantage in terms of noise.


Sound levels at field level on the day they were measured. (they’re not measured every minute of every game, as far as I know)
Is Ford Field really quieter than Green Bay on their best days? I wouldn’t think so, but as you know, it’s the construction of the facility.

I sure hope so.

Great song to play when the Lions come out of the tunnel! Get Terrible Ted to play it live.


I’ve only ever been to Ford Field for a concert. It was AC/DC, so it took about a week before my hearing returned to normal. At least I think it returned to normal. If I did suffer long-term damage, it was definitely worth it. HELLS BELLS!

A few thoughts going thru my brain. First, those readings might have been artificial and not accurate. I only bring that up because at KC last week they kept showing on the jumbotron that the crowd kept going up to exactly 142.2. Which obviously isn’t the case.

But if it was a real reading, it might have just not been “official.” What makes the Seahawks and Chiefs records kind of sketchy is those readings were not taken randomly and just happened to get to those readings. The teams went to great lengths to make sure they have all of their ducks lined up to make their readings official, including letting the fans know that they were going to be going for the record…so be EXTRA loud when called upon. Then it was one big yell to hit as high as possible. Definitely not organic in the slightest.

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Yeah the whole not having a roof thing would seem to allow the noise to escape.

Despite the shit outcome, the screens in FF were showing 110-120db during the game today and the announcers (one being former player Greg Olson) were stating multiple times that it’s the loudest they’ve heard a stadium in a long time. shrug

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That list was definitely not complete.

But, as for beating any records… only our own:

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man I feel bad for everyone there having to watch the same old thing again.