Will Green Bay come home for home playoffs or rams🤣

The way green bay is playing I don’t want them . Rams look hot too .I just need a home playoff win with home field advantage


It’s what I crave the most. We gotta get this playoff monkey off our backs. ■■■■ I was in elementary school the last time we won a playoff game.

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I was in a time where diapers where not available too . With injuries and defense look like terry fair and westbrook era looks scary . Remember we screwed not having one home field playoff game losing to Green Bay at home

Sadly also the last time we hosted a playoff game. Thanks again bill ford.

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Any NFL Game is tough in my opinion.

Don’t want to see Stafford come to Detroit and beat us a Ford Field?

You wanna kill a fan base NFL?

That would be the way to do it.

The way we are playing, I wouldn’t want GB. Talk about my actual nightmare.

We dont want Stafford and Donald…

And Mcvay…

That would be the most demoralizing thing that could happen…

And Matt will win agaisnt us in Detroit.

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Let’s stop hand wringing and enjoy a home playoff game. Worry about the opponent when it’s time. Green Bay. Rams.

Bring them all on. If the Lions are on their game they can hang with anyone.

Except Baltimore. haha


I would love to play both of them. Seahawks or Minny too. If we can’t get up for those games, what are we doing? Sure we may lose and sure it would suck, but you gotta be in it to get the heartbreak of losing. Better that than the nothing at all we’ve had the past 30 years.


Ford Field is going to be absolutely on fire. I’m pretty confident in that first round game despite our warts.


I listened to a podcast with Eric Kramer last night and he was saying how like the Lions playoff home game was like nothing he has experienced. The fan energy was off the charts


“All roads through Detroit”…

Ford Field …

This fan base?

NFL tried hard this week to quiet our fan base. . Didnt say a word and we took over the SuperDome

They dont respect this fan base. They did, then it fell off.

Seattle fans couldnt hold a candle to our fan base…but they’re the “12’s”…


Still a third of the season left, teams are going to get hot and not. Lot of season.

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I honestly don’t care who we play. You’re going to have to find a way to win against tough opponents either way. Who wants a cake walk through the playoffs? If we make it to the superbowl I want no doubt in anyone’s mind that we earned it. Just win.

The playoffs are what you play for. It’s sorting out the best teams in the NFL.
If we’re afraid of playing Green Bay and LA, we don’t deserve to be there.
Not kidding.

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I feel just the opposite. It would be an opportunity to put “the trade” behind us. Blow out the Rams in Detroit and everyone moves on from Stafford.

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It all depends what the NFL wants.
Last night they obviously wanted KC to lose.

Personally, I don’t see Detroit in SB.
The Lions and Bears are fine, being part of the profit sharing system.

The Rams look hot? They went down the the 4th quarter against Flacco lead Rams…

Rams basically know how to beat the seahawks.

The playoffs are what Fans think are played for.

The owners and players play for money.
As long as people are dumb enough to fill stadiums of teams that never win and give hundreds for tickets to see one lousy game. The owners have no reason to change.

Think about that. The freezing cold and dad took little Timmy to a Pats game …6-0. yeah, lots of memories there lol
Wow, professional sports!

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Little Timmy cried the whole way home. Lol that Pats offense is a dumpster fire

You’d have to pay me 50 bucks an hour and unlimited free booze to watch a Pats game these days.

Do they even average 10 points per game?