Will Harris…

Between him and AJ Parker (no longer a Lion), hard to figure out who gets burnt more. They both must be great practice players.

That TD wasn’t on Harris. He had trail coverage with outside leverage. Elliott should’ve been right there.


Just gave up another 20 yard pass.

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The other team has players trying to make plays . You want perfection watch spelling bee

He’s been playing pretty damn good all season so lay off man.


Hmmm…this is year 4 of watching him. This is not a one game thing.

Agree to disagree. Went from starting CB to not playing much.

How good do you expect the lions depth to be ?
Last week Harris made a play.


Just gave up the game too…cut that clown.

For who ?

He’s not even the projected starter. Gave up play to best WR and top QB in the game ?

What’s your expectations vs reality of the talent available in nfl ?

He wasn’t the reason for the loss

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We need multiple DB’s added to this roster.

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Can we do that neat thing like we did with KuJo? But when you type in Will Harris, it comes up “trashcan”?

Final drive and opp needs 40 yards and Will Harris gets lost again. Some things never change

Will Harris is the oppposing teams best friend

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Yep, he was god awful at safety, but he’s been decent at corner. I’m as shocked as anyone because I was trying to cut him for 2 years, haha

Striking similarity to the Ravens game last year when he got “lost”. I mean, he was almost lined up on the line against Diggs and beaten immediately. I would say there is a possibility he lost this game with that coverage

Not really my point

How good do you expect the depth corner / safety stepping in to play more due to starter injuries …

Cut him and replace him with who ?
Lucas hasn’t barely seen the field maybe he’s injured but availability is also big for a depth player.

What scheme had Harris covering Diggs without help ? Why would the coaches even think he can do that ?

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