Will it take for you?

I have always been one of the more aggressive Kool-Aid drinkers on any of the boards. I always defend players and coaches and always think great things are right in front of us. After yesterday’s game I am more defeated and more down on this team then I’ve ever been in my entire life. For now I will not be able to allow myself the get emotionally vested into this team or get excited about games. They’re just not healthy for me. In order for me to even get remotely interested more less excited about this team again they will have to go at the very worst 2 -2 over the next 4 games. One win will not do it no matter who it’s against even if it is Kansas City. My question is what will it take for any of you to regain a sliver of Hope in this team?

Eh, we beat the pats last year.

I hear you. Up to this point I have been a Patricia supporter, but now, what unfolded yesterday told me he couldn’t adjust or plan properly. He couldn’t curb the flow of the game back away for the Cardinals. In fact, he helped that momentum change in their favor.