Will Levis and the Colts

Obviously just a team doing due diligence but this would be best case scenario for the Lions. Hopefully Jim Bob will help the Lions out.


Will Levis is such a Colts player.

Wouldn’t shock me if they take him over Richardson.


When you pair that news with my insider tip that Starbucks are adding mayonnaise flavored creamers to their Indianapolis menus…well, it’s clear that Will Levis will be a Colt.


For such a young man @Sofatso, never lose that epic sense of humor.


If Levi’s weren’t a fake tough guy he’d be throwing Miracle Whip in his coffee.

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I am just scarred that Brad and Dan are talked into considering Levis by Paschal… scouts say he is arrogant but teammates say he was a leader and friends with everyone on the team.

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I’ve read that his Lineman absolutely love the guy.

His mom went to Yale and he’s an affluent New an England kid. I could see how he could also come off as arrogant to some.

■■■■ one of my business partners is a Boston genius (worked at MIT and Cambridge and for Monsanto in the 90s)… i kinda hate that personality type now. The east coast “you know we are friends because i am a constant asshole towards you” type

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Have you ever been to Newton, MA? It’s about as much like that as humanly possible. Really nice of course but peak NE elitism.

No. I was out that way last June bouncing between providence, ri and berwick maine. I had a few meals in Boston but it was a business trip

In general I do like Boston and enjoyed living there but I can definitely see how what is nomad
To affluent locals would come off as snobbish to folks from elsewhere.

The land of Massholes

4 qbs go before pick 6? :smiley:

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4 QB have NEVER gone in the top 10 before. In draft history!

It’s gonna be a wild ride leading up to our 6th overall pick.

EDIT: Correction - it’s only happened 1 time in 70+ years. Thanks @CuriousHusker !!


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Love Boston…incredible city to walk and subway around. Top 5 for me.

Massholes are Bottom 5 however. Though, no one beats unearned elitism like Virginians who imagine they are gentry and would have been 5th generation Viscounts and Dukes if that whole States Rights disagreement would have been settled differently…you can hear the echoes of the drab, droll yet whiney pining of their granddaddy in their tone of voice…

Ill hit Boston this summer, as The Young Scholar will soon be The Young Degreed Engineer and has an internship in Manchester NH before returning to Grad School.

Legal Seafood. Legit as legit gets.

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I’m interested to see if the apparent strength of 2024’s QB class affects some teams approach this year.

Charlottesville is pretty great. I think that’s my favorite college town of any that’ve I’ve been to.

Heard good things.

Richmond, Roanoke…mmmm…notsomuch