Will Lions be in the birdseat for Kylar Murray for the rest of the league?

No worries about that. They won’t pick him.

  • All of us, moments before the Ebron pick

And Laken Tomlinson, and Aaron Gibson, and Stockar McDougle and Drew Stanton and IAF, and and and


Josh Rosen?

What about trading him to the NYG? How about him and C Kirk and a pick for OBJ? Bold prediction right there…

Or…to Cincinnati (plus a 4th) for their 1st?

It could be done, but AZ would have to eat $8M in signing bonus…

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wow, those are some highly unlikely scenarios. But I give you an A for creativity.

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Well if they really fall in love with Murray, AZ can get something for Rosen to help them build.

NYG could get their QB of the future, plus a young WR, plus losing the diva (and moving towards being that run first team).

If I were the G-Men’s GM I’d be making a phone call at least.

…Mike Williams, and Brandon Pettigrew, and Jahvid Best, and …

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Keep going…Ernie Sims, Kalimba… Chuck Long, David Lewis, Reggie Rogers, Luther Bradley, Lynn Boden…

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Yeah, true. But being the foolish optimist, I was dancing around saying “WE GOT DON-ALD, WE GOT DON-ALD…”

Death to Mayhew!

Andre Ware?


I would have to say Joey “i play one song on the piano” Harrington, too. I so didnt want us to pick him.

Or was that Grant Hill that plays only one song?

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Yes on Joey. I live in Oregon and I was all over MLive saying “this guy is a fraud”. He had 2 1000 yd back (Onterrio Smith and Maurice Morris) and that 2001 team was a run first team. And Tedford was there, not a real great record of NFL QB success there…

And he had a noodle arm.

Swarms of Dumbass Duck fans took over MLive and I fought them all until they had to run away crying, “the Lions wrecked Joey…”

But taking Joey didn’t blow a super bowl run like not taking Donald did. Imagine that DL (which was already amazing) with Donald on it. Suh with fresher legs… DAMNIT! I’m STILL MAD!


Yeah, big mistake passing on Donald. That was a killer for me, too cuz I’m a defense first kinda guy. In fact, i was for signing Avril and Suh and trading Calvin.

Donald, Suh, Avril, etc, yeah, that would have been fun to watch

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Ultimately, we lost out on all four… Donald, Suh, Avril, and Calvin. Well played Detroit, well played.


Me too. I always though Calvin was kind of a salary cap hog for what he brought. One year with above 60% catch rate (target-catch) (2011 - 60.8%) And dude drew quite a few targets (25-30%)…

I’d have kept Suh and I think that if we’d taken Donald, Suh might have stayed for cheaper, especially if we were to have gone deep in the playoffs in 2014. I see 2 more reg season wins, maybe 3. That’s the division and a relative cakewalk to the big game. Seattle wasn’t that good that year…

And if we’d kept Schwartz, I believe he would have picked Donald.

And it was the last 4 game collapse in 2013 that got Schwartz fired.

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I miss that dude.

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Hows about some more!!!

Stockar McDougle, Aaron Gibsin, Kevin Jones, IAF, Stanton, Boss Bailey, Barrett Green, Ernie Sims, Gerald Alexander…gonna give Teddy Lehman a small break here, Terry Fair, Bryant Westbrook, Marc Spindler, Dan Owens, Shaun ■■■■■■■ Cody, That Pile of Crap Charles Haley made us take in Rd 4 that never saw a game, Laken Tomlinson, gotta say Ziggy now too, EBRON

Mind you this doesn’t even get into the “meh, I guess it was ok” list of say Riley Reiff, Fat Nicky, Decker, Chris Claiborne, Jared DeVries, Kevin Smith,

All the guys we hit in besides the no brainer group of Su/Stafford/Calvin? We mostly let those guys go…Corey Redding, War Daddy, SLH, etc.

Shoot me now…what a huge pile if trash this list is. MillenHew destroyed us for 15 years.


You forgot AA…

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Go back and look at the Lions draft classes since 1971. It’s amazing how many years we completely wiffed on the entire draft. 72, 73, 74, 77, 81, 84, 86, 97, 99, 00, 02, 05, 06, 08…and the years that were not a complete wiff, we hit on one player, there are only a handful of drafts that the Lions picked more than one player that turned out to amount to anything…in 47 drafts!

Im sick to my stomach!