Will lions ever be like patriots?

We always debate on this.But with common sense we can compare apple/google with other companies right. Apple and google have better technologies and smartest young and veteran people working for them. They fail earlier and fix it than lions 5 year plan and fail as a mess.So does it come simple as owners who dont know to run football business?

Short answer, no.


That genie is out of the bottle, not to mention it took years to build that cache in NE and if we don’t start winning soon it’ll get wiped out here because fans are rightfully impatient.

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I’m not sure anyone will ever be like the Patriots. Pretty high bar right there.

I would be more than satisfied if we were ever like the Steelers, though. Just rock steady with a shot a ring every now and then.

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I don’t think any team will replicate what they have done. Takes amazing coach who can coach coaches, fantastic scouts, systems to train coaches/scouts/players, a good QB that STAYS HEALTHY for 2 decades, and much, much more.

So many variables that have to be near perfect. BB has created a machine over there.

Couple that with the fact that the NFL is literally set up to prevent a Patriot-type situation from happening…Insane what they have done there, no matter how you break it down.

I like a Steeler situation too - they have been competitive since the inception of their franchise.
When will we see another Barry Sanders? Some things are just once in a lifetime.


Not without Brady

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Simple answer is no.

But I don’t expect any team to. I’d like the Lions to be viewed more like the Packers are. The premier team to beat in this division.

I do think we can get there. Our time will come.


We sure do have the law of averages on our side, don’t we? LOL.

We will see Lions SB or two in our lifetime, possibly more.

I agree with this. The Steelers and the Ravens are two organizations that have been excellently run for a very long time. Those are realistic expectations. The Patriots have been an absolute unicorn - the perfect blend of competence and luck. I don’t think any of us will ever see another team have this kind of success in a parity-driven NFL again.

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I think we are finally trending in the right direction. I think we will see big improvements by the end of the season.

Got to fix that Oline first. Situational football looks a little better so I expect to see improvement there.

Even more intriguing question:

Will New England ever be Detroit?

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They damn sure used to be, before Parcells got there.

Damn I wish he would have come here instead!

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