Will the Lions buy or sell before trade deadline?

Interesting question, no? Given that the current regime is under the gun to produce wins or get fired, the natural assumption is that they would trade a draft asset for a decent player that could help the team win. Would they spend a draft pick to get somebody that might not really be that much of a help? Let’s put it this way, I wouldn’t be surprised. But who might that be? No idea who they might target, but it shouldn’t be somebody who will be gone next year IMHO. This is not a team with SB potential unless they pick up a blue chip defensive guy that turns this defense into say a top 15 or top 10 unit.

Given that Coleman and Trufant are due back soon, I would posit that they need help at LB or DL. They don’t need another rotational guy that is no better than who they have now, they need a difference-maker. Will they find one? I guess we’ll find out soon enough, the trade deadline is 9 days away I think.

If BQ has the power they should be buying a DT. However more than likely he will be selling Golladay away for a 5th.

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There really aren’t many trades during mid season in the NFL.

BQ has done it three times that I can recall.

Snacks, Tate and Diggs.


Make a splash and go get a myles jack/deion jones/whitney mercilus/ryan kerrigan. Hell see what houston wants for watt

Other cheaper options to call about

John ross
Will fuller
Pierre desir

Especially if they lose to Atlanta.

I don’t think Fuller would be all that cheap.

If I am Shelia I am telling Quinn…you are neither buy not selling! You stocked the shelves with yours and Matt’s guys the past two off-seasons so now it’s time to sink or sail with the boat Bob and Matt built.

If they are done at year’s end let’s not put new regime behind the 8 ball in any way


There is a lot of wisdom in this. Jax game sucked me back in a little bit TBH. A 6th rounder next year could have just netted a guy who got 10 sacks just last year. (Golden). Yannick N got moved. Either of those guys would have helped us. So maybe the Lions are thinking the same way. If we beat ATL, we are .500 with a pretty soft schedule coming up. Somebody figured out that our 2nd round investment is sort of good to get in the game and he can help us win football games. Somebody discovered that if you mix in some zone, you can be in position to break up some passes instead of drag routes getting wide open for easy pitch and catch. Somebody figured out, that if you send more guys to the QB, they don’t have all day to scan for their number 4 option. So, yes its Jax. I get it, but their RB was tearing it up. Minshew was hitting on about 69% of his passes. But we really beat them handedly. Yes this staff was stupid enough to not do all those things I highlighted for the first 3 games. So part of me is right with you. Barring a playoff win, send everyone out. But…

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I’d put them on a short leash and force every major decision back to the Ford family for final approval. But I think they need the ability to go get a player if that player can push them over the hump. They need a Snacks like signing. Something that doesn’t cost much investment but could fill the huge gaping hole on our DL. Personally I think we should be buyers if the right DL, LB or WR is available and the cost is minimal.


The defensive philosophy and approach was completely different versus Jax. I have to wonder if MP finally turned over the defensive play calling to Undlin? … I’m hoping that this is the case and the approach we took vs Jax is an indication of the direction we plan to take moving forward.

Gotta be it. Little Lord Fatleroy finally let go of his Super Genius Multiple Slow Contain Rocket Physics Secret Squirrel Bullshit

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I get that and it makes sense, but unless it is a deal that is weighed heavily in out favor then I am still of the opinion to just stand Pat.

Bob and Matty have preached they needed the right scheme guys now for a few years. We have grabbed ever Pat’s cast off and a few with lingering tie to the Pats…if you can’t fix it or get it going with the moves you make …perhaps you don’t deserve more moves. That is unless we are robbing someone…then all bets are off.

As bad as Quinn is, you really think the Ford family is going to make a better decision? Sheila has the DNA of Martha and William…two trust fund babies.

Saints could be willing to move Micheal Thomas

I wonder what it would cost

1st and Marvin?

Should have done it in the off season. Tons of money, and signed depth players.