Will the NFL now change the draft format

So now that tanking has been called out in the NFL, will they now be looking into changing the draft format to like the NBA or NHL? I can see it happening myself.


I don’t want that, but coming soon for sure.

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I hope not.
Teams that tank will suck and never get over the hump anyway.

Draft lotteries are awful. I certainly hope it doesn’t happen.

Besides, if there’s ever a league I’d expect to rig a lottery, it would be the NFL.


I pray they leave it alone. The lotteries are the worst.

It would be the Lions luck to get bounced down as far as possible when they tried their hardest to to win every game this season.

Look at how the Wings have faired under the lottery. I think they’ve always done worse, never better. At least in the last few years.

You just tank to improve your lottery chances.

Or the commissioner puts the envelope in the freezer until just before he’s supposed to pull one out….

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If that happened, I would expect the Packers to have the #1 pick with an 8-8 record.

“Gee golly what a lucky bounce for the Packers. Totally unexpected.”


Like everyone in this thread, I HATE the lottery
It’s a stupid gimmick
Luck should not play a role in your draft position

I have no idea why those leagues thought it was a good idea. Yeah, a few more eyeballs early in their drafts, but probably 90% of fans see it as a stupid gimmick.


I always thought the NBA should draft based on the average record of a team’s last three years. It would stop the one year tanking and stop teams like the Golden State Warriors or the San Antonio Spurs, back in the day, from getting injuries to a key player or two and then winding up with a top 5 pick. This would add significant weight to the draft toward helping those teams that truly are at the bottom.


Teams just tank longer. The Philly Process was really like 7 years…they just screwed up their picks early on.

Pistons are shit for 2 years now…Houston will be.

MLBPA has it right in doing a blend of 2 or more ywmears AND market size AND prohibiting more than 3 years in the lottery in a row.

Won’t happen though, because MLBPA is a weak dick organization

The problem though is a single player typically won’t make a major difference in MLB. The right guy CAN make a huge difference in the NBA and NFL. Philly tanked for 7 years because they couldn’t get it right. There were a lot of bad players selected which caused them to continuously suck.

The three year average would not have changed really anything about where the 76ers drafted.


Its funny because I’ve always thought the NBA lottery was rigged (or occasionally rigged)

How sad is it that we as Lions fans don’t want out super bowl taken away

As a Lions fan I don’t want a lottery for obvious reasons. But I do think they work. When you finish dead last and you only have a 20% at the top pick, and the 2nd to last place team has an 18% chance at the top pick, well yeah, no reason to tank.

Idk man it’s hard to believe any team getting hosed like the NHL hosed the Wings in the Phil Hughes draft


But we would love for the Super Bowl participants to be chosen via lottery, because its the only way we have a chance.


I agree for sure. But, these leagues have turned even the lottery into a money making event. Fans tune in to see where their team picks regardless of if they love the system or hate it.

The lottery for draft picks is similar to a fan gambling on games. High risk, potential reward and possibly entertaining. That’s why I see a lottery coming to the NFL because they can make money off of it and yet still tell the fans it’s because of tanking.

The new NFL draft lottery is what will prevent us from getting Arch Manning. Instead, we will get Arch Leaf.

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