Willis and Missing out on 1st Round

Interesting short read. His career could be fun to watch.


Thankful that he went to the AFC at least. This dude will succeed. He will likely sit behind Tannehill for a year or 2. I wouldn’t be surprised if it took him 2 years. I really think he makes it though. I’ll root for him like I used to like watching Jacobs and Bradshaw for the Giants…like I like Josh Allen and Stafford…like I liked watching Kurt Warner adn the boys.

I’m an NFL fan, not just Lions…but it’s Lions first by a mile.

Wilis will make it as an NFL QB.


Willis landed in about the best situation he could hope for with the Titans. They play good defense and have a strong run game. That’s the perfect situation for a young QB.

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Willis doesn’t have the ball placement skills required to make it in the NFL. Maybe it’s something he can develop but QB’s are usually accurate or their not. His pro day was a great example. No guys in his face and WR’s running wide open and almost every one of his throws is not in the correct location. Hard pass.


I’m cool with passing on Willis, but speaking of accuracy, I don’t think the statement above is.

Josh Allen had a college career 56.2% completion percentage. Stafford 57.1%. Drew Brees 61.1%.
Josh Allen 62.3% as a pro, Stafford 63% and Brees 67.7% (which is the highest completion rate in the history of professional football for a player whose played 80+ games - 5 years).

So, accuracy is definitely something that can be improved. I think the bigger determinants in who can improve and who doesn’t are how well they read defenses pre-snap, manipulate defenses post snap, and adjust on the fly when someone blows an assignment. I think Willis is dicey on all 3.

But his running ability and big arm will make him more dangerous when the play breaks down than if you force him to stay in the pocket and throw.

It also helps if your OC knows how to call a game but that’s out of any player’s control.

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Completion percentage doesn’t tell the whole story. Raising completion percentage can be due to coaching and just making better decisions. I’m saying pinpoint accuracy is hard to teach. Sure some guys probably get better with coaching and learning where a ball should be thrown based on the defense. Willis’ pro day concerned me. A lot of throws with red flags.

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Got it. Ball placement. I trust Brad’s read on players, and the whole NFL let Willis fall to the 3rd round.


Yup - He’s gonna do well, I believe. That roster will shift some, by the time he gets to play. He’s probably not gonna start for 2 years…one for sure.

Yup → That’s the bottom, bottom line for me.

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Interesting read but I’m not sure I’m on board. I don’t really think he’s proved anyone wrong.
He was recruited by a D1 school in the SEC and after two year of being buried on the depth chart he transferred to an FBS school where he thrived against much lesser comp.

Who did he prove wrong? Not Auburn, not other major college programs, not anyone really, he just proved that he was really good vs players that were not as good as those he faced in the SEC.
Additionally who was he buried behind? I could see if it was like he was third string behind the two studs at USC or even Michigan but I don’t think that was the case. I think all he’s proved is that he deserves a shot in the NFL after struggling to move up the depth chart in the SEC at Auburn, sure it will be a nice example of believing in himself but I’m not really buying the “proved everyone wrong” theme.

Just go prove the Titans RIGHT. That’s all that matters.


Malik Willis was a popular mock pick for Seattle at No. 9 overall. The Seahawks passed on Willis four times before he was taken 86th overall – feeling he was nowhere near NFL-ready, according to one source – and didn’t think enough of the other quarterbacks to take one with any of their nine selections.

“It’s hard for rookies,” general manager John Schneider said after the draft, explaining the decision to not take a quarterback and hinting at how lousy this year’s QB class was. “It’s very hard on rookies to come in here and [compete right away]. You have to have unique, unique qualities … Continuously throughout the draft, it just didn’t fall the right way for one reason or another.”

Still thinking about getting this jersey to hang up next to my Stafford jersey


Couldn’t beat out Bo Nix, yep proving people wrong.

J-W couldn’t crack the lineup at OSU!
Loser! :wink:

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the guy has to prove he wasn’t hype and can flat GO in The NFL , our staff wanted to give Goff more confidence by saying HE is their QB ‘for now’ I would have hated it if Goff was scared of some hotshot new QB gunning for his job, feeling more uncertain, focusing on THAT during games, and being more nervous and scared with the football. Goff doesn’t have The moxie or swagger Stafford had, Matt was a tough guy to rattle, where Goff is a little uncertain and has thrown the ball away to avoid risk, instead of having the guts to GO FOR IT on fourth downs and that, and when I think of Goff ? I do not see a warrior mentality.

OSU or Auburn?

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He played at OSU before transferring to Alabama (didn’t get enough playing time at OSU, so he transferred. Now he plays for the Lions

Sorry, you changed players on me and I didnt keep up. Sometimes I’m slower than Tavai in December in Detroit!


LoL. My faulty communication man. I really get to be more clear sometimes. I’m having issues with being misunderstood.

We live in a age where certain types of QBs will be propped up. Willis is what the league and media want to promote. So that’s exactly what they did!

For example Fields by in large was a pretty bad rookie QB. Anyone calling him a bust in the media? Of course not, they will give him every opportunity and then some. However, Goff was a bust after 7 games with a Fisher offense. And tbe media still hasn’t let the narrative go.

Unfortunately…story lines, politics, narratives. These factors will play a larger role then the facts or truth. Even sports media is getting terrible with this. ESPN shows are hardly even highlights anymore. Just talking heads talking. I sure do miss the days of NFL Prime Time with Jackson and Boomer. Very little face time and lots of highlights.

It’s why I like to do my homework instead of listening to the media just spout whatever they please. NFL draft isn’t much different these days apparently.

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I still think he got drafted too high.