Winnipeg @ Vegas, Stone Age Edition

So, I’m definitely more confident than before heading into this matchup, but I have an odd feeling that you’ll take this one, @WinnipegFan

As much as I’d like Fleury in net, this minor injury couled with the birth of another child any day now will hopefully act as a comforting distraction heading into the playoffs. If nothing else, it’s rest.

We haven’t had much luck against Vegas in Vegas :confused:

Having said that we seem to be finding our game. Bucky’s first shutout of the year against a team trending up on the road, won 4 in a row, and we went 5-3 over a nasty span against 8 playoff teams. We lost to Tampa in Tampa but that’s not a shocker.

Should be a tight one.

Subban is really shaky, and God forbid we start Max Lagace, yikes.