Wirfs rewrites offensive lineman records at NFL combine

Iowa’s Tristan Wirfs rewrites offensive lineman records at NFL combine

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World, say hello to Tristan Wirfs.

The Iowa offensive lineman, who started for the Hawkeyes since his freshman season, was a known athletic wonder in his home state dating back to his days in high school, when he won the Des Moines Register’s All-Iowa Boys’ Athlete of the Year award.

Now, the rest of the football world has a pretty good idea of what Iowa has known: Tristan Wirfs is a rare physical talent.

The 6-foot-4, 320-pound Wirfs not only had one of the best athletic testing performances of an offensive lineman at the NFL scouting combine this year … he had one of the very best ever.

Wirfs, who was projected to go No. 14 overall to Tampa Bay in the latest USA TODAY mock draft, set records in the vertical and broad jumps on Friday in Indianapolis.

Wirfs, a standout wrestler and discus thrower in high school, broke the vertical mark with his leap of 36.5 inches, and tied the broad jump record of 10-foot-1 inch for offensive lineman.

Oh, and he also ran the 40-yard dash in 4.85 seconds.

If you’re new to Tristan Wirfs, read this piece by our Mark Emmert over the summer.

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Only 16 of the 46 WRs jumped higher than Tristan Wirfs at the NFL Combine.

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6:08 PM - Feb 28, 2020

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Thor Nystrom :heavy_check_mark: @thorku

We knew Tristan Wirfs was going to test well, but mother of god

At 6’4/320:
🔥 4.86 40
🔥 36.5 vert (combine record)
🔥 10’1 broad (record)
🔥 1.69 10-yard split

Feldman freak-lister who was a historic boogeyman among boogeymen in Iowa’s weight room. Just punched top-10 ticket.

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6:40 PM - Feb 28, 2020

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With all the weightlifting records Wirfs broke at Iowa, his play style is almost the opposite of what you’d expect. He’s just so dang smooth and under control. This isn’t some brute of a tackle looking for a kill shot. Wirfs patiently handles his business in pass protection knowing his physical dominance affords him some leeway. Both his run- and pass-blocking grades have improved every single season of his career. In his final seven games of his college career, Wirfs allowed one lone pressure.


I think both he and Bechton are likely going top ten now. This tackle class is loaded at the top so one of the top four might slide a bit.

State champion heavy weight wrestler, discus and shot put champion too. He played right side because Alaric Jackson couldn’t adjust from the left side to the right side. Ferentz never had a true freshman start at OT before, this was a no brainer. There was speculation that Jackson would also go pro and he might have if this class wasn’t so deep at OT. By staying he probably guaranteed himself a first round selection next year if he stays healthy. He reminds me of Brandon Scherff, that in the end his best position might be inside. So you draft an OT that turns out to be an all pro OG, it doesn’t suck.

Might be a good option after a trade down, get Okudah and Whirfs.
Bechton seems like too much of a risk.

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If we did a trade down I would like at the other Hawkeye, Epenesa.

I brought this up in a few other threads but … if the Lions trade down to say #5 and #6. And they get in return is an additional second rounder plus say a 4th. (Basically market value) … if I were BQ I’d take that trade because… he can still likely get Brown or Okudah. Then he’d have ammo to attack the draft at its strength.

The draft is deep at OT, and WR. It has some decent depth at DT, DE and S.

We should be able to get two1st round grade players with those two second round picks and a second round grade with our 3rd round pick.

I think there will be a ton of value at WR and OL in round two.

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I love Epenesa. I think he can be a Cam Jordan type of player.


I do as well. I think he’s a top 10-20 talent. I unfortunately don’t see how we would land him. Top 6 is too high. Unless we make double trade down from 3. That’s about the only way I see it happening. I don’t think he falls to our second pick.

Or trade down and then back up. If the Dolphins are desperate for Tua then quite a few scenarios become possible.

I know your hope is to add a true impact guy. Why not aim for two?

Sure that’s plausible. It’s also possible BQ could steal two firsts from MIA (Then get him) but I’m doubting it. I just don’t think BQ is that good as his job … lol

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Ok lets imagine …

But could you imagine a draft where we trade #3 and #106 to Miami for #5, and #18? Then trade down again with Carolina who leaps SD? We give CAR #5 and get #7 and #38

Lions draft
#7 CB Okudah
#18 DE Epenesa
#35 RB Taylor
#38 DT Gallimore
#67 WR Tyler Johnson

In Free agency lions resigned CB Slay, Sign OG Thuney and DT Hargrave.

Yeah I know I’m dreaming … lol

At least you’re not having a nightmare. Epenesa is going to take some time to get up to speed but as a 3rd down specialist he could do well in his first year.

I’ll buy you the best glass of blue drink money can buy if this were to come true. I’d prefer another defensive piece to Taylor personally, but I wouldn’t hate on it too much, bc after all…what do I know? :crazy_face:

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Wirfs, Willls, Bechton, and Thomas would all be the #1 tackle in most drafts.

I don’t think Epenesa is going in the 1st round.

I honestly don’t see a way in which he doesn’t go round one.

Really? I’d freak out if we could get Epenesa at pick 35. Perhaps I overvalue him. He was admittedly iffy the first half of last year, but the other 3/4 of his Sophomore and Junior years he was consistently dominant. At least whenever I watched Iowa play he was.

Despite some pedestrian results today for Epenesa (40 time was horrible), what he has going for him is his frame. You can’t teach size and he is 6’5" with long arms and big hands. So while a guy like Zuniga might have tested better today, and has some pretty impressive film to back it up, he doesn’t have the frame of Epenesa. While I think he could fall to 2nd round, I’d bet against it just due to that prototype size.

And his film isn’t bad either. Not sure how he would fit in our defense, feel like we have bigger needs than DE, but would be hard to pass up that talent at 35. But what is he going to do, back up Flowers?

I remember when Jason Smith blew up the combine. Got himself drafted #2.
Combine is great. But sometimes, it’s a little overvalued. Hope we make wise choices.