Wish saints would have hired glen now

Thought we got lucky Glenn didnt a head coach job boy was i wrong


I was just about to post the same thing. Maybe DC needs to start making calls on the defense.

I would like Lions to fire Holmes and give Campbell personnel control. Holmes has set Campbell and this staff up for failure.

Campbell made a change with Lynn who was atrocious. I was thinking that Glenn was also suspect. He took a terrible defense last year and a bunch of nobodies off the street and made the defense at least OK. Looking for them to take a jump this year, but despite more talent, the defense is worse. That’s all on the DC (def coord) and scheme.

Glenn is now the weak link on this staff. Him and Pleasant can develop individual DBs well but can’t scheme a working defense.

Good chance we see a change at defensive coordinator by mid-season.

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Needs to happen after next week

I don’t think we will do that mid year

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what gives me pause is that Dan gave Glenn a huge hug and praised his play calling against commanders. He told him on hard knocks he has all the faith in the world in him.

Dan speaks his truth, so i’d expect that after today, he may say something to the effect of [We’ve got to be better on defense. We can’t let them score on every possession. Lot’s to clean up there and we’ll look at everything we are doing to see what changes we need to make.]

Nothing specific to Glenn but basically stating that the defense is not doing it’s job and he will be looking at everything top to bottom to find ways to improve. That will be the first step towards signifying that major changes are coming.

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Something has to change. We get this Goff and our personnel back and we just need a less terrible defense to win games.


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