With Montgomery out, who starts?

Craig Reynolds has more the size to be a 20-25 carrys a game back but he hasn’t exactly splashed a ton of talent. Gibbs obviously has more talent but so far he doesn’t look like the ideal guy to run between the tackles.

Or do we kick the tires on someone like Kareem Hunt?

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I realize we are supposed to take things “one game at a time” but I can’t help but consider the fact that we have a Thursday game right after the Falcons game. I’m sure they will bring up Zonovan Knight from the practice squad. After that I would try not to overexert any of the backs or they are going to be worthless on Thursday. In an ideal world we would even “rest” one of our backs like the Eagles did with Swift.

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Wonder if we could get Akers for a 7th

Hopefully Gibbs takes over. We didn’t draft him at 12 to be a bit player did we?


We certainly did not draft him to be the everyday back either. That’s why we signed Montgomery.

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If they want to run their full offense, Gibbs needs to stay in the role, IMO.

So I expect Reynolds to start or at least fill for Monty’s role if he can’t play.

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This next game is gonna be fun watching Bijan get 30+ snaps as a bell-cow/all around back, then comparing that a 12th OA Gibbs used as a luxury gadget for a bunch of 3 - 4 yard dump off passes and maybe a wheel route mixed in once😆


Water finds its level, really antsy going into game three. Really don’t have a grasp on who we are as of yet. I blame you Den, for bending my instincts…

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I keep hearing conflicting reports.
That hes day to day is the main thing

So he COULD play

Not sure you can compare both of them other than they are both running backs—different skill set. Having said that, I apparently have failed to grasp the grand plan on how we intend to use Gibbs as a game changing weapon. Im sure all will become clear in the next couple weeks. Either that or Gibbs isn’t who we thought he could be.


Gibbs had 30+ snaps against the Seahawks.

It will be interesting to see if the Falcons keep splitting carries between Bijan and Tyler Allgier, or if they shift the bulk of the carries to Bijan. Check out the difference in drive charts for their 2 games so far. The 1st is against the Panthers and the 2nd is against the Packers. They won both games on the strength of a 13 and 14 point 4th quarter. Against the Panthers the offense was anemic and they wouldn’t have survived a road game like that. The crowd would have been in a fever pitch. They were lucky they were facing a young team that kept turning the ball over. Then flip to the Packers game where Bijan got more time and more touches. Drive after drive after drive where they scored or at least held onto the football for a period of time. If they do that against us its going to tire the crowd out, and is exactly the kind of game they need to play. Which is in complete contrast to their first game.


Lions are f if he can’t play.

We were probably going to give Gibbs more carries in this game anyway, but now we don’t have a choice. As a Jahmyr Gibbs fantasy owner, I am very much looking forward to this game.

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I’m firmly in the camp of the mindset that the Lions chance of winning drops quite a bit if Montgomery is out. Hope he heals soon.

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I have a sneaking suspicion that’s going to happen. Rams are actively trying to trade him.

I’d imagine we pick up a RB soon.

Sounds like Monty may have avoided a serious injury, which is great. But we can’t be rolling into next Sunday with only 2 healthy RB’s, one being a rookie.

Can we trade a 4th rounder for Swift!?

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Yeah, I’m sorry about Monty, but that better not happen…
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Otoh, throw in Buggs…

Is Mo Ibrahim healthy now? He looked good in camp before he got injured and if he’s healthy I’d bring him back.


That is certainly a possibility. Just remember that if you throw in Goff, we will have to give them a 1st rounder instead.

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Looks like McVay is pulling the same BS on Akers that he pulled on Goff. Akers came into the season as the #1 guy, has a bad game, then is deactivated, and now is on the trading block?

Some suggestions out there that Akers is a head case, so there’s that. But the guy is a former 2nd-round pick who, again, was the clearcut #1 guy two games ago. McVay couldn’t drive down his trade blue any more effectively if that’s what he meant to do.