With the 30th pick in the 2024 NFL draft, the Lions take

An OT?

Don’t think much of the mock, but just like where he has the Lions picking. That would mean two playoff wins.

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Its a good draft for OTs We could use one unless they think the young guy they moved up for depth at OL mainly he is a OT Connor Galvin …I was happy we got him on are PS after camp he looked good during pre season an now should be even better.

Keep building both lines! Skill positions will take care of themselves!


Ragnow and four tackles! Why not?

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I agree. It’s time to get back to the meat and potatoes.

What did we trade to move up 2 spots?


I have a dream. It goes something like this…

Goodell approaches the mic: the Detroit Lions have traded the 32nd overall pick. The Raiders are now on the clock.

A couple minutes after the Raiders use the pick on some super fast WR that was projected to go in the 5th round…

Maxx Crosby approaches the mic and announces to his new hometown fans that the pick was traded as part of a package to bring him home…where his heart has always been.


Hulk Hogan Sport GIF by WWE

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No you silly goose we’re going to take another tight end

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