Wondering if

Trubisky would have been benched or possibly cut if he didn’t play Patricia’s defense twice in the last month. Thought his career was on the line around Halloween. Dude was horrid until Matt Pat fixed him.

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Why do we want them to bench Trubisky? Gotta play chess, not checkers. Give him enough confidence to play better and keep the starting job. Blough sees the field better and all he had was a few walkthrough practices as an NFL starter.

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Hopefully he will get a Jared Goff level contract extension out of it. Moving up to get Seabiscuit was definitely a “smartest man in the room” moment for the Bears.


They had to trade up to get the Biscuit. The only other quarterbacks on the board were-

checks notes

Mahomes and Watson. Well, never mind then.


lol. How can we take you seriously, if you aren’t taking yourself seriously?
Pretend you are not you, then read that back. Does that feel like a credible source of information that you would want to have a serious conversation with?

At this point, I’m just hoping the Vikings don’t bring Ryan Leaf out of retirement. Dude would probably tear that ass up.

Pretty sure playing the lions twice a year has no bearing on his future with the Bears. Nagy appears to be very frustrated with him. It is clear they don’t trust him. He has productive more bc of the lack of pressure then anything else…he still sucks. Lol.