Word is free agency is a go, tampering window opens Monday at noon

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Lions $48M under the cap per overthecap.com. Kudos to Jason for getting the site updated so quickly with the new minimums. Probably take Spotrac another day or two to successfully steal their info.

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I wonder if the economic situation will lead to more players making deals for guaranteed money quickly, rather than waiting for things to possibly get much worse?

Teams haven’t had a lot of time to look at the CBA… I hope Quinn is ready to go and get his guys. Better get it right Bob.

What can get worse?

One that thing has been proven is people will watch sports no matter what is happening in the economy.

Players don’t get a cut of the ticket revenue

I suppose if the fear among owners is, ultimately, a real threat to a cancelled season, how do they manage guaranteed money? And how do players negotiate that reality as well? The players get to make deals now, I wonder how many will be nervous about getting good rather than great.

Can anyone post DT PFF grades in another thread? I believe many would like to see these stats.

Is this possible? Thanks in advance.

I know NBA teams don’t have to pay players if they don’t want to right now I’d assume that’s in the CBA for the NFL players too

However if you get a 50 million signing bonus and the season gets canceled that money is already in the bank lol

Exactly, so I’m wondering if players will jump on nice guaranteed deals even if they had higher expectations?

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Evidence via a PFT story that the players are itchy to get deals:

The NFL couldn’t change the league calendar on its own. It needed the approval of the Players Association.

The sides discussed the matter Sunday after the NFPA announced it had approved the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Free agency will proceed as scheduled despite the COVID-19 pandemic, as previously reported. The reason? The NFLPA would not provide consent to move the league year, Adam Schefter of ESPN reports.

“NFLPA says: No one is traveling anyway,” Schefter wrote on social media. “It’s not football activity; it’s deals. Everyone is working remotely. Let’s do our business remotely. And this could get worse before it gets better. So do it now.”

That’s what PFT speculated earlier today that the decision was made to proceed possibly in part because things could get worse two or four or six or even eight weeks from now. So a delay could push the entire schedule back with no end in sight to delays.

Thus, the negotiating window opens at noon ET on Monday with the official start of free agency at 4 p.m. ET on Wednesday.

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