World has gone crazy

Last year when I was in Hong Kong and the protests erupted I knew many of the protestors. I found myself in crowds of protests while walking or riding the MTR. They were peaceful but determined

The Chinese government though came in via unmarked cars and shot tear gas and rubber bullets that critically injured or killed protestors. People were abducted off the streets by military officers who never identified themselves

I remember the smell of tear gas and the sounds of percussion weapons and I got all the texts and emails from friends and family in the US asking me if I was safe. I never felt unsafe and some of the media and govt agencies reporting ‘mobs of violent protesters’ struck me as total propaganda to justify a governments attack on its citizens

Now today in Portland I find myself in crowds of protests while driving or walking. They are peaceful but determined

The Federal government has been coming in via unmarked cars and are shooting tear gas and rubber bullets that have already critically injured at least one protestor. People are being abducted off the streets by military officers who don’t identify themselves

I never thought I would smell tear gas again in my lifetime but I drove home through a fog of it a few nights ago near work. And once again I heard the percussions in the distance

Now I’m getting texts and emails from friends in Asia asking me if I am safe.

I’ve been among these protests. Not as an active protestor but their main gathering point where they start their marches is next to a good friends brewery that I’ve been helping out. I’ve seen them while I’ve been out and driving around. I’m friends with many who join the marches. And again I feel that the reporting of ‘mobs of violent protesters’ is propaganda to justify this Federal governments attack on its own citizens. Insanity


Pretty wild to see an American administration using Pinochet style tactics.


Where are they taking them? What are they being charged with? Do they have access to legal help? This is absolutely unbelievable.

Yep, seeing it. Knew it would start happening as soon as the CHAZ/CHOP happened and moreso when Antifa was designated, informally, as a terrorist group. They have been working the SIGINT and Surveillance State/Facial Recognition overtime quietly for a couple weeks leading up to this, guaranteed. Then off go the grab squads. This is not random or unplanned.


lol ever hear of Population control?

This is deeply disturbing.


think about it. we get into wars when we have little or no business sticking our noses in things…but ifs a few thousand Americans die over/during wars we shouldn’t even had been in? it’s brutal to us the deaths…and life-long injuries , but to our Government? well the can just have parades, trips to graves, and a holiday , banquets and ^%$# so they can pretend like they really care.

I keep harping on 9/ 11 who believes OUR Government just didn’t know anything? with all the technology we had? all the watchdogs , and things those people had to go through to get a plane, get the training, get everything just perfect to fly half way across the US and fly into the towers !!?? but we had NOOO idea-right ? BS.

what about all these viruses , plagues, and diseases that just pop up like clock work?? just a little too regular and planned for my taste.

what if our Government released these deliberately?


Unfortunately, we can’t poll our war dead. Their sacrifices are appreciated by me, and I’m sure everyone else here. Pretty sure they would not want their contribution to go toward supporting rounding up people who disagree with their government.

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When 9/11 first happened, There was an interview with Trump, where he said he watched the construction of the buildings, and he knew that a plane could not bring them down. He said that with further investigation, he’s sure it will prove that demolitions were involved. Going off from memory, and that was obviously years ago. 9/11 building collapses were not solely because of planes crashing into the structures.

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“I fully expect that as long as people continue to be violent and to destroy property that we will attempt to identify those folks,” he added. “We will pick them up in front of the courthouse. If we spot them elsewhere, we will pick them up elsewhere. And if we have a question about somebody’s identity, like the first example I noted to you, after questioning determine it isn’t someone of interest, then they get released. And that’s standard law enforcement procedure, and it’s going to continue as long as the violence continues.”


“It’s like stop and frisk meets Guantanamo Bay,” Uh, yep.

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Unless you count graffiti as ‘violence’ worthy of having your civil rights usurped and basically kidnapped and interrogated by the federal government…



I’m sure there’s a level of execution here that’s uncomfortable for all of us.
At the same time, if you’re a vandal and are arrested for it, that’s neither having your civil rights usurped nor is it being kidnapped.


Now - what I wonder is for whom? What part of the gov. these “ghosts” work for.

Dark state
An oligarchy


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Read the article I linked.

“Officers from the U.S. Marshals Special Operations Group and U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s Border Patrol Tactical Unit have been sent to Portland to protect federal property during the protests against racism and police brutality.”

These guys and the homeland sec… are the new national police…

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At least they aren’t shooting kids, yet.

"The U.S. Marshals Service performs tactical operations for sensitive and classified missions involving
homeland security, national emergencies, domestic crises and the intelligence community. "

I know the deal as a former law enforcement officer. You get your marching orders. Giddy up. This is not cool. At all.

Being grabbed off the streets by people who don’t identify themselves and leap out of unmarked vehicles to haul you off without reading you your rights is akin to kidnapping. I’m astounded that anyone would be ok with this.

Well they did here. Kid is in serious condition

And they aren’t helping the situation

On one hand the situation infuriates me and yet on the other hand I don’t want to take the bait as it’s clearly an effort by the administration to pivot away from their abysmal CV performance and towards the law and order narrative that they so desperately want to run on.

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