World must be about to end—2 positive Lions articles in 1 wk from Carlos Monarrez

Detroit Lions get an ‘A’ for drafting Jeff Okudah in 2020 NFL draft.


Well I guess he is a hall of famer then because he got an A grade before he ever stepped onto the field.
These draft grades are just idiotic. How can you give a grade to anyone that hasn’t played yet?


Now I’m concerned that Carlos has C19 and is delirious with a fever.

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Okudah was the second best Blue Chip prospect in this entire Draft behind… Young

We killed it with our pick …

I don’t believe in Quinn or Patricia but this pick doesn’t bother me.

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His schtick is obviously to be contrarian. When the fanbase was still pro Quinntricia, he was the voice of the anti- crowd. Now that the fanbase has turned on Quinntricia, he’s on their side. He’s nothing more than a click-hunter.

The fanbase hasn’t turned on Quinn or Patricia yet.

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I guess we follow different social medias.

How can any person say any pick is good or bad? They haven’t played a single down yet in the NFL?



It didn’t match my well-reasoned prognostication, therefore it’s bad.

See? EZ-PZ

Works every time.

So…your thinking grading draft picks after they have been drafted and before they have played a game is a new thing Carlos just invented?

Yup- directed specifically to his reasoning (pointing out his own thought pattern).

The gray area becomes “well-reasoned”. So interpretive.

Hope Bear is the next Deion Sanders :wink: One can dream

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Honestly, he doesn’t need to be anybody. This team needed Bear more than Prime.

So much to glean from this exchange if you haven’t seen it:

Thanks, brother. This is my favorite type of shit to see. LOVE every ounce of interview I’ve seen from Bear! He will be a nice addition. This type of guy gets MORE out of himself than his talent says he should. love it.

We do have some good leadership on this team. Raising standards as individuals, growing more as a team.

I do think this dude is the reason why Quinn didn’t want to trade back too far. He really wanted Bear! Some guys fault him for that, but you can definitely see the sense in it.

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