Worried about Kerryon

I really like the kid but he was flat out bad tonight and is showing a tendency to f*ck up in big moments.

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Did I miss something from tonight?

Dropped a key third down conversion on a questionable overturned call. I didnt think there was enough evidence to overturn but KJ needs to secure the ball.

I’m more worried about the Oline. It didn’t look like there were any holes for KJ to run through and the pass protection… what’s up with that?

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Yeah, me too.

So by that measure, Hock is choking too.

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He literally took 3-4 steps after catching the pass. Really a head scratcher…

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Not going to argue with that call. He never secured the ball, was moving around the whole time.

Hock didn’t fumble at the goal line in KC for a 14 pt swing.

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Yep. I’m talking tonight.

I expect Hock to make that catch.

KJ runs fine.

Wagner is awful. On almost every run his man was in the backfield 1 second after the snap.

The Oline and their blocking is terrible. PFF are as blind as the refs. If a RB can only get 1 yard because 3 defenders tackle him at the line of scrimmage, no one on the Oline is top 5. They are bottom 5.


He’s fucked the bed twice now

KJ is fine. I don’t think he’s special but we can work with him. I do think we need a 1B or perhaps a 1A.

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KJ didn’t have anywhere to run tonight. But I’ll agree he hasn’t looked great this year. It seems like he has missed reads and opportunities. I’m hoping he picks it up in the second half of the season.

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It’s the fumble vs KC and then the drop pass tonight.


Wagner has never really played well for us, but tonight he was atrocious. Beaten like a drum all night long.

Are you sure?

I posted a PFF article last week that showed the Lions running backs had the most yards post contact. They also had the least yards before contact.

Which means opposing defenses are getting the most penetration vs our OL and getting to our RB’s faster than any other team in the NFL. This shows the Lions run blocking is god awful dead last.

Yards after contact is clearly on the RB and it shows if the Lions RB can get a clean hole they gain more yards than any other RB group.

Bottom line is the Lions OG’s need to open up bigger holes. We need a run blocking mauler. I expect us to draft an OG next year.